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Foggy Swamp.png
This is a guide to the dungeon Foggy Swamp in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see our guide about Foggy Swamp and a list of all obtainable items, artifacts, scrolls, and monsters you can encounter in this dungeon on each cycle.

Normal Hard
Conall Curach Foggy Swamp

Foggy Swamp Map

Foggy Swamp.pngEnlarge

Item List

Treasure Chests

1 Cure
2 Raise
3 Adamantite/Gil
4 Gold Hairpin/Noah's Lute/Dark Matter/Donnie's Crystal
5 Devil's Claw/Jade/Hope Shard/Ruby/Remedy/Angel's Tear
6 Noah's Lute/Raise Ring/Loaded Dice/Sasuke's Blade/Wonder Bangle/Sage's Staff
7 Holy Ring/Mjollnir/Rat's Tail/Giant's Glove
8 Cure
9 Ruby/Remedy/Angel's Tear/Devil's Claw/Hope Shard
10 Gear/Adamantite
11 Futsu no Mitama/Wonder Bangle/Dark Matter/Ribbon
12 Remedy/Angel's Tear/Hope Shard/Jade/Devil's Claw
13 Gear/Adamantite

Foggy Swamp Walkthrough

Recommended Starting Stats

HP Strength Defense Magic
7〜8 80 75 80

Recommended Resistances

Fire +2 (optional)

Recommended Equipment

Name Defense Effect
Vanitas Shield 20 Resist Fire +2
Vanitas Gloves 20 Resist Fire +2
Vanitas Belt 20 Resist Fire +2
Vanitas Helm 20 Resist Fire +2
Vanitas Mail 25 Resist Fire +2

Having resistance to fire can increase your survivability, especially in a dungeon where enemy attacks packs a punch. It is not necessary but it will definitely help when tackling the Foggy Swamp.

Fire Resistance Makes Things Easier

Foggy Swamp 2.jpeg

The element to prepare for here is Fire. Aside from Bombs in your path, enemies like Lizardmen will cast Firaga without breaking a sweat. If you get Burned, your Defense will drop and your HP will plummet faster than you expect. Have the Resistance will make this much easier to deal with.

That said, Burning will not limit your actual movement, so if you're confident in your ability to avoid getting hit, you may be able to handle without it.

List of All Equipment and Effects

Take out Lizardmen with Thunder

Foggy Swamp 3.jpeg
Lizardmen can be immobilized with a single Thunder. Use a race with a fast cast time like a Clavat or Yuke, then defeat them while they are paralyzed. This won't help you power through the reinforcements that come after them, but you can repeat this process to whittle them down one by one.

How to Use Thunder

Foggy Swamp Boss Guide

Green Dragon

Green Dragon.png

How to Beat Green Dragon

Foggy Swamp Rewards Tables

Clear Rewards List

1 Garden Weapon
2 Paradise Weapon
3 Lustrous Belt
4 Rainbow Stone

Foggy Swamp Obtainables

Scrolls List

Zeal Kit
Soul of the Dragon
Daemon Kit
Angel Kit
Garden Weapon
Garden Weapon
Paradise Weapon
Lustrous Belt


Cursed Crook
Rainbow Stone
(Ochu, Boss)
Angel's Tear
(Treasure Chest)
Devil's Claw
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Hope Shard
(Treasure Chest)
Ancient Potion
(Treasure Chest)


Wonder Bangle
(Treasure Chest)
Rat's Tail
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Noah's Lute
(Treasure Chest)
Dark Matter
(Treasure Chest)
Gold Hairpin
(Treasure Chest)
Wonder Wand
(Treasure Chest)
Sage's Staff
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Sasuke's Blade
(Treasure Chest)
Giant's Glove
(Treasure Chest)
Loaded Dice
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Holy Ring
(Treasure Chest)
Ring of Raise
(Treasure Chest)

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3 Anonymous - LKabout 1 month

Chest 7 also contains Sasuke's Blade.

2 Anonymous3 months

I just got a Sage's Staff in Chest 11

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