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How to Go Through the Miasma Stream

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The Miasma Stream is an impassable barrier blocking players from proceeding to the next area. Or is it? Learn how to change your Crystal Chalice's Element to pass through the Miasma Stream.

How to Go Through the Miasma Stream (Tipa Peninsula)

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When you attempt to pass through the Miasma Stream with the wrong element on your Crystal Chalice, you'll be pushed back and won't be able to pass through. Follow the steps below to change to the correct element to go through the Miasma Stream.

Check the Miasma Stream's Element

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First, be sure to check the Miasma Stream's Element. At the start of the game, in the Tipa Peninsula area, the Miasma Stream's Element will be Water, while your Chalice's Element will be Fire, so you won't be able to pass through.

Go to a Dungeon with the matching Element

River Belle Path Elements.png

The first Dungeon, River Belle Path, has two elements available: Water and Wind. In the Dungeon, you'll be able to change your Chalice to either of these Elements.

Change Your Crystal Chalice's Element

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Inside the Dungeon, you'll find Hotspots which allow you to change your Chalice's Element to the one matching the Hotspot. Find the Water Hotspot and place the Chalice on it. Once you've done so, you can choose to Carry the Chalice to continue through the dungeon or Teleport out to head to the Miasma Stream right away.

Go Through the Miasma Stream

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When you pass through the Miasma Stream with the correct Element on your Crystal Chalice, you will be able to break through and go to the other side!

How to Go Through the Miasma Stream (Ironmine Downs)

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After reaching the Ironmine Downs area, you'll find another Miasma Stream at the north end. The element here is Earth, which is not accessible from any of the dungeons in Year One.

To progress through the Miasma Stream the second time, you'll need to complete the first three Dungeons to proceed to Year Two. Every year, the Miasma Stream's Elements will change, and in Year Two, you'll have the right combination of Elements to pass through.

First, obtain the Fire Element from the newly-appeared Goblin Wall, then take the Water Element from Mushroom Forest. You'll finally be able to pass through into the third area, Vale of Alfitaria!

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How to Change Your Element Quickly

When you have completed a Dungeon, you'll be able to change your Element to any of those found within the Dungeon without having to go back in and find the Hotspot again.

It's not required to interact with the Hotspot on your first time through, so if you're willing to wait for the end of the Dungeon, you can use this method to skip the Hotspot entirely!

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