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Mimic Feature and All New Skins | What are Memory Crystals?

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What is the new Mimic feature introduced in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC)? Learn all about the new skins and DLC skins and how to unlock them.

How the Mimic Feature Works

New Memory Crystal items will allow players to transform into new personas with alternate voices, and make a caravan based on characters from other games in the series!

How to Unlock New Skins

Memory Crystals.png

To unlock the new skins, Memory Crystals are required. They are obtained by collecting Moogle Stamps, or by completing the new post-game Dungeons.

There are also some skins which have only been announced as paid DLC. These skins have already appeared in the Nintendo eShop, so take a look and see if you want to invest a little extra to spiff up your character!

All DLC Items | Is the DLC Worth It?

How to Change Skins

How to Mimic.png

Once you've got a Memory Crystal, you can go to a Moogle and select 'Mimic' as shown to change outfits.

Skins are limited to a given Tribe and Gender, so you'll have to make multiple characters to enjoy them all!

Skins Obtained In-Game

Obtained From Moogle Stamps

Lyne Dott Genk Wauck Ent Dalace
Lyne Dott.jpeg Genk Wauck.jpeg Ent Dalace.jpeg
Bessamzan Yufina Andy
Bessamazn.jpeg Yufina.jpeg Andy.jpeg
Sheula Dah Yis De Nam
Sheula.jpeg Dah Yis.jpeg De Nam.jpeg

All Moogle House Locations | Moogle Stamp

Obtained From Dungeons

※ Images and locations are subject to change.

Black Knight
High Score
Sol Racht Princess Fiona
High Score
Black Knight.png
Rainy Ruins
Sol Racht.png
Rainy Ruins
Princess Fiona.png
Rainy Ruins
High Score
Leonamiel Bal Dat
Rainy Ruins
Rainy Ruins
Bal Dat.png
Rainy Ruins
Hurdy Gurdy
High Score
High Score
Rainy Ruins
The Goblin Festival
The Goblin Festival
Hana Kohl Amidatty Tristan
Hana Kohl.jpeg
The Goblin Festival
The Goblin Festival
The Goblin Festival
Jake Leuts Royce
High Score
The Goblin Festival
Leuts Royce.jpeg
The Goblin Festival
Misty Mount Kilanda
Alan Gyle Donny Myrce Rolf Wood
Moonlit Desert
Donny Myrce.jpeg
Foggy Swamp
Rolf Wood.jpeg
Miasma Pit

Skins Available as DLC

Each of the Skin sets below can be purchased separately from the game in the online shop for each platform.

New Skins 1.jpg

Yuri and Chelinka from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (voiced by Kumiko Higa and Nami Kurokawa).

New Skins 2.jpg

King Leo and Chancelor Chime from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (voiced by Rie Takahashi and Atsuko Enomoto).

New Skins 3.jpg

Sherlotta from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (voiced by Marina Inoue).

New Skins 4.jpg

Mira and Bel Dat from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord (voiced by Sumire Uesaka and Tomori Kusunoki).

New Skins 5.jpg

Layle from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (voiced by Makoto Yasumura).

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