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List of All Items and Item Types

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This page contains a list of All Items and Item Types in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to learn all item names, common locations, uses, and buy and sell prices!

List of All Items

List of All Materials

Abyss Eye Adamantite
Alloy Ancient Potion
Ancient Sword Angel's Tear
Black Slab Blaze Mushroom
Blue Silk Bronze
Bronze Shard Cerberus's Fang
Chilly Gel Chimera's Horn
Chipped Gear Cockatrice Scale
Coeurl's Whisker Crystal Ball
Cursed Crook Damascus Steel
Dark Sphere Desert Fang
Devil's Claw Diamond
Diamond Ore Dragon Eye
Dragon Scale Dragon's Fang
Dweomer Spore Electrum
Ethereal Orb Faerie's Tear
Fiend's Claw Gear
Gigas Claw Gold
Gold Needle Golden Feather
Green Sphere Griffin's Wing
Hard Driftwood Hard Shell
Heavenly Dust Hollow Onyx
Holy Water Hope Shard
Iron Iron Shard
Jade Jagged Scythe
King's Scale Lord's Robe
Magma Rock Malboro Seed
Moonstone Mythril
Needle Ogre Fang
Orc Belt Orichalcum
Pressed Flower Rainbow Stone
Red Eye Regal Horn
Remedy Ruby
Scarletite Shiny Shard
Silver Star Shard
Stone Marker Stream Water
Thunderball Time Shard
Tiny Crystal Toad Oil
Twilight Sand Ultimite
White Coral White Fur
White Silk White Veil
Wind Crystal Worm Antenna
Yellow Feather Zu's Beak

List of Materials and Craftable Items

List of All Seeds

Flower Seed Fruit Seed
Strange Seed Vegetable Seed
Wheat Seed

List of Seeds and Food Grown

List of All Magicite

Blizzard Clear
Cure Fire
Raise Thunder

List of Magicite and its Effects

List of All Food

Cherry Cluster Fish
Gourd Potato Meat
Rainbow Grapes Round Corn
Star Carrot Striped Apple

List of Food and its Effects

List of All Other Items

Other Items
Bannock Bread Cactus Flower
Flour Kilanda Sulfur
Mark of Shella Milk
Phoenix Down Spring Water
Strange Liquid Wheat
Worn Bandanna

List of All Other Items and Its Uses

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