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How to Craft Weapons | Weapon Forging Guide

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This is a guide to crafting and forging in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to know how to craft equipment, learn about scrolls, and best blacksmiths to choose from.

How to Craft Weapons

Craft From Blacksmiths on Friendly Settlements

Blacksmiths from towns and cities are your bestfriends when you wish to craft equipment. Just approach the Blacksmith and talk to him/her to initiate crafting. Beware though as all blacksmiths have different items they can craft! Seek out other blacksmiths if that blacksmith can't craft the equipment from your scroll.

Prepare the Necessary Items

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There will be a multitude of items you will need in order to craft equipments from blacksmiths. These items are as follows:


scrolls for crafting.jpg
These are the main blueprint for the crafting process. To craft a specific equipment, you will first need to obtain a a scroll for that piece of weapon/armor. There are several Scrolls in the game but our guide below can aid you to find that scroll you want for your character! Take note that Scrolls are expendable.
List of All Scrolls and Scroll Types


materials crafting.jpg
You can't start crafting if you don't have materials to turn to the item you want to craft. Materials can easily be found in dungeons so go out and venture in dungeons to craft that armor you need for your character. Missing a material to craft the weapon you want? Don't fret as we have the guide you need! Check our Materials list below to find the item you need!

List of Materials and Craftable Items


Gil for Forging
And last but not the least, you'll actually need to pay the blacksmith for his services. They have mouths to feed too. Refer to our guide and quickly fill your pockets with gil!

Currently Unavailable.

Best Blacksmith for Crafting

There are several blacksmiths in the game and each blacksmith's inventory depends on the individual blacksmith. You only need to explore towns and cities to find a Blacksmith that can craft your dream equipment! Or you can always ask your (In-game) dad if he's a blacksmith. Your family's class is depends on the family job you have chosen at the start of the game.

List of Family Jobs (Family Trades) | All Production Level Bonuses and Discounts

Why Can't I Craft an Item?

blacked item.jpg
In this case, my character is a Yuke which is why the item cannot be crafted since it can only be equipped by a Lilty.

Several items may be blacked out and prevent you from crafting them. The primary reason for this is that equipment is incompatible with your character. The game automatically blocks you from making a bad choice so don't fret and ignore these items and focus on armour and weapon for your character.

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