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Available Platforms | Is FFCC on Xbox?

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Which consoles and mobile devices will be able to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? Find out the details and check the full list here, with our thoughts on what each platform brings to the table.

Available Platforms

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch.png

As the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake was released as a time-limited PS4 exclusive, fans are glad to see the series land on Nintendo again. For those who want the perfect balance of portable and console gaming, the Switch is your first choice!

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4.png

The PlayStation 4 is the most powerful console option for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. As the original was a GameCube exclusive, this is actually its first time on a Sony console.

The PS4 is the best choice for running the game at full capacity. That said, despite graphical improvements, FFCC Remastered isn't likely to push the boundaries of the hardware.

iOS (App Store)

A welcome choice for fans on the go, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is reaching mobile devices for the first time, via the iOS App Store.

We're curious to see how the multi-button hack-and-slash action game will hold up on a small screen with no physical buttons. And given that the release date has a chance of being delayed, iOS might not be the way to go for those eager to play the game early.

Android (Google Play)

Just like with iOS, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is available on Android via the Google Play store. For casual fans, these mobile platforms could be a good platform to try the Lite version and see what the game has to offer, before digging in and buying the full game. Their portability also allows players to easily group up for local multiplayer.

Unavailable Platforms

Xbox One

Xbox One.jpg

Unfortunately, there seem to be no current plans to offer the game for Xbox consoles. As the Xbox console is lesser-known in Japan, the only planned region for the physical release of the game, it's likely that Square Enix is expecting higher sales in Japan than other regions and decided to skip out on Xbox for this reason.

If the game exceeds expectations, a Xbox port may be waiting in the future, but for now Xbox fans will likely have to settle with the mobile version of the game.

PC and Mac

Currently, no version of the game has been announced for desktops, PC or Mac.

A PC version would be a great addition, as it would allow for online multiplayer without the extra fees of Nintendo and PlayStation's online services, so we're hoping to see a port in the future.

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