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Love Letters Sidequest Walkthrough

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This is a guide to the Love Letters Sidequest in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Definitive Edition (FFFCC). Follow our walkthrough to see the ending of this tragic quest as well as all the rewards you can obtain upon its completion and requirements before the quest can be started.

Love Letters Requirements and Rewards

Requirements Access to Leuda, Tida, and Marr's Pass
Rewards New Wares in Leuda

Love Letters Sidequest Walkthrough

Talk to the Elders in Leuda and Marr's Pass

Elder Leuda

You must have first talked to both elders to complete the first step of the quest.

Head to Tida and Search the Giant Tree

Tree Letter.jpg
Examine the tree in the Tida Dungeon. The tree is found northwest after entering the dungeon's 2nd area.

Return to the Two Elders and Show the Letter

Upon showing the letter, both elders will be surprised and will vanish from their respective town.

Return to the Tree in Tida

Tida Tree 2.jpg
You will complete the quest after returning to Tida again. Examine the tree and read the final letter.

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