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When creating a character in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC), you'll also need to select what kind of profession your parents will have. In this page is the list of all possible Home Jobs and their benefits, including increases to Production Level and Discounts on purchases.

What are Home Jobs?

Choose Family Trade.png

Home Jobs, also known as Family Trades, are selected at the beginning of the game when creating your character. Although its effects are scarcely felt at first, as the game continues, you'll start receiving advantages based on the profession your family performs. Try to choose a profession which aligns well with your chosen Race!

What Home Job Should You Choose?

Home Jobs


With the Fisherman Home Job, you'll receive a Fish every start of the year. You can receive more if your relationship with your family is higher.



If you send the Miller seeds, especially Wheat seeds, you can get Bannock Bread.

After two years, you'll start receiving a bag of Flour.



You can also send seeds to the Farmer in order to get Bannock Bread.

After two years, you'll start getting bundles of Wheat.



With the Rancher Home Job, you can get Meat at the start of the year.

After three years, you will also start receiving bottles of Milk.



Item Availability (Depending on Production Level)
Early Meat, Bronze, Alloy, Fish, Milk, Iron, Spring Water
Level 1 Mythil, Gold, Silver, Bronze Shard, Iron Shard
Level 2 Magma Rock, Chilly Gel, Thunderball
Level 3 Ultimite, Dark Sphere

With the Merchant, you can purchase Meat and Fish (if you don't have the Rancher or Fisherman), basic crafting materials, and even allows you to sell some items you don't need.

By improving the relationship with the Merchant if they're your family, you can get better prices and more items for sale.



Craftable Items (Depending on Production Level)
Early Novice's Weapon, Warrior's Weapon, Bronze Armor, Iron Armor, Iron Shield, Bronze Gloves, Iron Gloves, Bronze Belt, Iron Belt
Level 1 Master's Weapon, Mythril Shield, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Sallet, Mythril Belt
Level 2 Legendary Weapon, Diamond Armor, Diamond Gloves, Diamond Sallet, Diamond Belt
Level 3 Greatest Weapon

The Blacksmith can make armor and weapons for you in exchange for materials and scrolls. You can get better items if you have a better relationship with your family if they're the Blacksmith.



Craftable Accessories (Depending on Production Level)
Early Flame Craft, Frost Craft, Lightning Craft, Clockwork
Level 1 New Clockwork, Blue Yarn, Tome of Wisdom, Tome of Speed, Fiend Kit, Faerie Kit, Eyewear Techniques, Goggle Techniques
Level 2 White Yarn, Gold Craft, Secrets of Wisdom, Secrets of Speed, Daemon Kit, Angel Kit, Designer Glasses, Designer Goggles
Level 3 Ring of Invincibility

The Tailor can make accessories for you in exchange for materials and scrolls. You can get better items if you have a better relationship with your family if they're the Tailor.



Scroll Availability (Depending on Production Level)
Level 1 Iron Armor
Level 2 Warrior's Weapon
Level 3 Flame Armor
Level 4 Clockwork
Level 5 Mythril Armor
Level 6 Frost Craft
Level 7 Lightning Craft
Level 8 Master's Weapon
Level 9 Ring of Light
Level 10 Diamond Armor
Level 11 Ring of Invincibility
Level 12 Greatest Weapon

You can receive scrolls used for crafting from the Alchemist. Every year, starting the second year, you will receive one new scroll. Improving relationship with the Alchemist will give you better scrolls.


How to Increase Production Levels and Discounts

Relationship Level Discounts
Early Full Price
1 30%
2 55%
3 65%

The production level as well as the discounts that you can get improve with your relationship with your father. You can improve it by sending your family gifts and replying to their letters in a friendly way.

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