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What Does the Magic Stat Do?

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This is a guide about the Magic stat in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see all information about the Magic stat including its effect, how to increase Magic, and moves that benefits from the Magic stat.

Magic Stat Effects

Affects Damage Calculation

Damage for both players and Monsters is calculated based on the Strength, Magic, and Defense stats.

Damage Calculation Explained

Increases Magic Damage

Magic Attack
(Magic power + player's Magic stat) ÷ 5 − Monster Def

As the name implies, the Magic stat is a necessary stat for increasing your spell's damage. Each spell has its own magic power which can be checked in the guide below.

List of All Magic Spells

Affects Fusion Spells

Spell Fusion
(Magic Power + magic stat of first spell caster ) ÷ 5 − Def of monster

The Magic stat of the first spell caster is the Magic stat that is used for fusion spell's damage calculation.

How to Fuse Spells (Combo Attacks)

How to Increase the Magic Stat

Consume Items

There are items that increase stats temporarily. This is true for the magic stat as well. Below are the list of items that increases the magic stat.

Boost with Equipment

There are equipments that increases your magic stat. Don't ignore these items if you wish to be the best spell user in your caravan.

List of All Equipment and Equipment Types


Collecting Artifacts that boosts the magic stat is essential for characters like Yukes who has a natural affinity for casting spells. Check our guide below to see all artifacts in the game!

List of All Artifacts | Artifact Effects

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