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Post-Game Dungeons (Hard Mode)

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This page has everything you need to know about the brand new high difficulty dungeons in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to find out what's new in the post-game, a list of dungeons, how to unlock them, and more!

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Post-Game Dungeons - Things to Know

Raise Your Stats To At Least 65

Being called high difficulty dungeons alone makes it obvious that enemies will have much higher stats and an easier time of taking you down if you're unprepared. Everyone has their own playstyle but if you plan on tackling these dungeons, you're gonna want to boost your stats with better gear and artifacts.

We recommend getting your stats up to at least 65 and reaching 80 by the time you get to the latter half of the post-game dungeons.

How to Unlock the Post-Game Dungeons

Once you've cleared Mount Vellenge and seen the ending, you'll save your game and receive a notice that lets you know the high difficulty dungeons are now available. If you're looking to take on these dungeons, you're gonna need to finish the main game first.

Story Walkthrough and All Dungeons Guides

Never Play Solo

Soloing post game dungeons is completely doable. But it's not efficient and the rewards are roughly the same when playing multiplayer. This might be an inconvenience to people with poor internet connections but the best way to tackle a dungeon is to always play as a 4 man party. Want to learn how to play multiplayer efficiently? Check our tips about playing multiplayer below!

Multiplayer Tips and Each Race's Role

Post-Game Dungeons - What's New?

Checkmark.png Number of Enemies Drastically Increased
Checkmark.png Equipment With Resistances is Necessary
Checkmark.png How You Tackle Each Dungeon Changes

Number of Enemies Drastically Increased

Post-Game Dungeons 1.jpeg

One of the biggest noticeable differences is the amount of enemies has increased. If you're not careful, they'll come at you in hordes. It's difficult to try and take them out 1 by 1 so the way you navigate each dungeon will change as well.

Equipment With Resistances is Necessary

Post-Game Dungeons 2.jpeg

The new dungeons are filled with enemies that will inflict status ailments so gear with just +1 may not cut it and you'll find yourself hitting the Continue button very often.

Being frozen or paralyzed are especially common so equpiping Ice and Thunder resistant equipment is highly necessary. Slow and Petrification or other ways to impede your movement also occur more so investing into gear that resists those is recommended as well. Refer to our equipment list below to find the best armour that offers the resistance needed for each post-game dungeon!

List of Post-Game Weapons and Equipment

How You Tackle Each Dungeon Changes

Post-Game Dungeons 3.jpeg

Those who have cleared the main game will know that Goblin Wall is much easier than Kilanda, but on hard mode they have swapped places. The order of difficulty of the original game doesn't necessarily reflect that of the Post-Game Dungeons.

To check the difficulty of a Post-Game Dungeon, the Set Out Together screen will allow you to choose from any of the Post-Game Dungeons. Each of them has a rating from 4 to 7 in place of Normal Dungeons' Cycle count.

Majority of the Dungeons Uses the 3rd Cycle Layout

As these post-game dungeons are harder than their original versions, most of them take the layout of the third cycle as the 3rd cycle posts the greatest challenge out of all the cycles from the dungeon's base form. There are a few exception like Moschet Manor so prepare accordingly.

List of Post-Game Dungeons

FFCC_Banner PostGame Dungeons.png

All Post-Game Dungeons
Dungeon Based On Difficulty
Falling Leaves Path River Belle Path ★☆☆☆☆
Toadstool Forest The Mushroom Forest ★★☆☆☆
Oblivion Village Tida ★★☆☆☆
The Dinner Party Moschet Manor ★★★☆☆
Frozen Sluice Veo Lu Sluice ★★★☆☆
Afternoon Fort Daemon's Court ★★★☆☆
Pale Cave Selepation Cave ★★★☆☆
Misty Mount Kilanda Kilanda ★★★★☆
Moonlit Desert Lynari Desert ★★★★☆
Miasma Pit The Mine of Cathuriges ★★★★☆
Foggy Swamp Conall Curach ★★★★☆
The Goblin Festival Goblin Wall ★★★★★
Rainy Ruins Rebena Te Ra ★★★★★

Falling Leaves Path (Level 1)

Falling Leaves Path 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Bring Equipment With +2 Thunder Resistance
Checkmark.png Possible to Clear Immediately After Beating the Game

Falling Leaves Path Dungeon Walkthrough

Toadstool Forest (Level 2)

Toadstool Forest 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Poison and Fire Resistance are optional
Checkmark.png Map Layout is the Same as Cycle 3
Checkmark.png Possible to Clear Immediately After Beating the Game
Checkmark.png Few Gimmicks or Puzzles Make it Easy to Navigate

Toadstool Forest Dungeon Walkthrough

Oblivion Village (Level 2)

Oblivion Village 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Ice Resistance is Imperative (alteast +1 or +2)
Checkmark.png You Now Have to Hit Orbs to Open Treasure Chests
Checkmark.png Possible to Clear Immediately After Beating the Game

If you strike the orbs that now appear throughout the map, you'll be able to open new treasure chests that play a short scene. They aren't necessary to proceed through the dungeon, however, and can be ignored.

Oblivion Village Dungeon Walkthrough

The Dinner Party (Level 3)

The Dinner Party 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Bring Equipment With atleast +2 Curse Resistance
Checkmark.png Only 1 Room and Immediately Fight the Boss

This dungeon allows you to fight the boss right away.

The Dinner Party Dungeon Walkthrough

Frozen Sluice (Level 3)

Frozen Sluice 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Up Your Ice Resistance to +2 or +3
Checkmark.png Ice That Blocks Your Way Can Be Melted With Fire
Checkmark.png Many Monsters Vulnerable to Fire

Frozen Sluice Dungeon Walkthrough

Afternoon Fort (Level 3)

Afternoon Fort.jpeg

Checkmark.png +2 or +3 Thunder Resistance is Helpful
Checkmark.png Most Enemies Cast Thunder to Paralyze You
Checkmark.png Behemoths on Each Side of the Map Hold Keys

Afternoon Fort Dungeon Walkthrough

Pale Cave (Level 3)

Pale Cave.jpeg

Checkmark.png Up Your Thunder Resistance to +2 or +3
Checkmark.png Map Gimmicks About the Same as the Original
Checkmark.png Very Few Roadblocks

Pale Cave Dungeon Walkthrough

Misty Mount Kilanda (Level 4)

Misty Mount Kilanda 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Thunder Resistance is Helpful (atleast +2 or +3)
Checkmark.png Most Monsters Weak to Blizzard
Checkmark.png Too Many Enemies Can Cause Lag

Misty Mount Kilanda Dungeon Walkthrough

Moonlit Desert (Level 4)

Moonlit Desert 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Up Your Ice Resistance to +2 or +3
Checkmark.png All Enemies Can Be Ignored

Moonlit Desert Dungeon Walkthrough

Miasma Pit (Level 4)

Miasma Pit 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Poison Resistance is Optional but Petrification Resistance is a must. (at least +2 stone resist)
Checkmark.png Watch Out For Attacks From Above and Below
Checkmark.png Most Enemies Resist Thunder and Freeze

Miasma Pit Dungeon Walkthrough

Foggy Swamp (Level 4)

Foggy Swamp 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Fire Resistance is Recommended to survive enemy attacks (at least +2)
Checkmark.png Use Thunder On the Lizardmen
Checkmark.png The Boss Fight Is Fairly Easy

Foggy Swamp Dungeon Walkthrough

The Goblin Festival (Level 5)

The Goblin Festival 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Curse Resistance +2 Is Essentially Required
Checkmark.png Even Ordinary Enemies are Killer
Checkmark.png Ghost-type Monsters are Common, so Bring Holy

The Goblin Festival Dungeon Walkthrough

Rainy Ruins (Level 5)

Rainy Ruins 1.jpeg

Checkmark.png Slow and Stop Resistance are Highly Needed (+1 resistance to slow and +2 resistance to stop)
Checkmark.png Even Ordinary Enemies are Killer
Checkmark.png Flying-type Monsters are Common, so Bring Gravity

Rainy Ruins Dungeon Walkthrough

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