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Moogle Stamps are one of the primary collectibles in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). In this guide you can find out the location of each Moogle House, where you can receive Moogle Stamps.

What are Moogle Stamps?


Moogle Stamps are collectibles you can get from speaking to a Moogle for the first time in certain areas. You can find them in their homes called Moogle Houses, which are inside towns and dungeons.

Moogle Stamp Rewards

There are 23 Moogle Stamps to collect in total. In the original game, after collecting enough stamps for a set, you will receive a Memory Crystal that lets you Mimic others. This allows players to change their outfit and voice into that of a specific subcharacter!

Mimic Features

Moogle Stamp Locations

FFCC_Moogle Stamp 100.png

1. Moschet Manor 2. The Mine of Cathuriges 3. Tida
4. Goblin Wall 5. Lynari Desert 6. Conall Curach
7. Port Tipa 8. Mushroom Forest 9. Daemon's Court
10. Selepation Cave 11. Veo Lu Sluice 12. Killanda
13. Marr's Pass 14. Shella 15. Alfitaria
16. Rebena Te Ra 17. Mag Mell 18. Mount Vellenge
19. The Fields of Fum 20. Tipa 21. West Jegon River
22. River Belle Path 23. Leuda
Moschet Manor Map

To the left of the dining table you can find the entrance to a Moogle House.
Mine of Cathuriges Map
On the second half of the map, go towards the second "dead end" to get your Moogle Stamp.
Tida Map
Near the first Hot Spot (Earth), you will see a ruined house which you can enter which is the home of another Moogle.
Goblin Wall Map
You need to open gates at both ends of a tunnel that looks like a dead end, in the darkness you'll find the Moogle House.
Port Tipa Map
You can find this House in the cave halfway down the slope towards the beach.
Mushroom Forest Map
Before the Boss area, there is a hidden location in the upper-right side of the map with a treasure chest nearby, examine near the white mushrooms to find the Moogle House.
Mount Vellenge Map
At the area where the paths intersect look for a hole in the wall under the stone underpass.
Mag Mell Map
Take the first left, then the first right, then go behind the large Carbuncle cocoon to find the opening along the wall.
Lynari Desert Map
On the far left side of the Desert you can find a small cave with the Moogle House hidden behind the treasure chest.
Conall Curach Map
In an area with a lone treasure chest with a nearby tree, search to the north of said tree until you find the Moogle House in this area.
Daemon's Court Map
Along the back wall of the fortress is a hole where you can find a Moogle House.
The Fields of Fum Map
Follow the road going to the South-East to find the Moogle living along the East side.
Rebena Te Ra Map
Just after collecting the final key, a small area will open where you can collect an Artifact and another Moogle Stamp.
Alfitaria Map
You'll find a water outlet to the right of the canal which is also the entrance to this Moogle House.
Shella Map
To the right of the house, you can find a stump which you can enter to get your Moogle Stamp.
Marr's Pass Map
Head down from the Armor Blacksmith's shop until you find a wooden staircase, go down and examine the cliffside.
Selepation Cave Map
From the middle area of the map, walk down until you get to a set of wooden stairs. Go up the stairs, then down the other set of stairs and look for the hole in wall.
Tipa Map
Behind the town's crystal, you can find a small door.
West Jegon River Map
You can find a hole on the hillside with Moogle House inside.
River Belle Path Map
From the right of the drawbridge, head to the upper-right until you hit the wall at the top of the path.
Leuda Map
Look for the pink tent and go behind it to find the Moogle House.
Kilanda Map
In the first area, on the right side of the map you can find the Moogle House in one of the dead ends near the rightmost exit.
Veo Lu Sluice Map
At the North-West point of the Sluice, you can find a hole in the wall leading to the Moogle Stamp.

Moogle Paint


Moogle Paint is a mini-game you can play when you visit a Moogle House, where you can wash, paint, and give Mog a haircut.

Grooming Mog will not only make them look cuter, but also will give you benefits when playing in singleplayer mode. What spells Mog will cast will depend on what you painted them.

Color Effect
White / Clean Random
Red Fire
Blue Blizzard
Green Thunder

How to Play Moogle Paint

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