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Post-Game Content | How to 100% Clear the Game

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What can you do after the game is over? This is a guide to all Post-Game Content found in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Find out all the game has to offer and enjoy it to the last drop!

Post-Game Only Contents

Post-Game Dungeons

Post-Game Dungeons.jpeg

After completing the game, you'll be able to play all the Dungeons again with increased difficulty. This is a new feature in the Remaster, and did not exist in the original game. The Gimmicks in the Dungeons and the Maps have almost no changes, but the number of Monsters has increased dramatically, and the Bosses have become significantly tougher.

Interestingly, the Post-Game Dungeons which are available change based on the day of the week. Try to complete all the Post-Game Dungeons to collect Memory Crystals, which will allow you to change your character's appearance with the Mimic feature!

Post-Game Dungeons

New Materials and Weapons Appear

In the Post-Game Dungeons, new materials, scrolls, weapons, and equipments not seen in the original game are sometimes dropped by Monsters and Treasure Chests. These new gears are extremely helpful in tackling the post-game dungeons so get out there and start dungeon delving!

Best Weapons and Equipment and How to Get

New Magicite Artifacts

Artifact Dungeons / Boss Drops

Effect: Magic +1, Gravity
Misty Mount Kilanda (Treasure Chest)
Moonlit Desert (Treasure Chest)

Effect: Magic +1, Holy
Foggy Swamp (Treasure Chest)
Miasma Pit (Treasure Chest)

Effect: Magic +1, Meteor
Rainy Ruins (Boss)

In addtion to the existing 5 Magicite artifacts you can get in the normal game, there are 3 new Magicite artifacts that you can collect and equip.

Two of the new Magicite artifacts let you cast Holy and Gravity without the need to fuse spells. This is especially useful in singleplayer and will let you save up on Command Slots by only taking up one slot instead of the usual two.

The last new Magicite artifact allows you to use Meteor, a new spell that you can only cast using the Meteor Ring. There are no fusion spells that you can use Meteor in.

List of Ring Artifacts (Magicite Artifacts)

100% Clear Contents

These contents are available before the end of the game, but are required to say the game has truly been completed.

Craft the Ultimate Weapons and Equipment


The Ultima Weapons are the base game's strongest weapons. Crafting the Best Weapons is a step towards the goal of truly getting a 100% completion of the game. And not to say that the end game gears can be hard to get with a character that lacks the gear to survive these dungeons. Craft these weapons for the completion or as a starter gear to truly start tackling the hard parts of the game!

How to Craft the Ultimate Weapons | Best Weapons

Collect all the Artifacts

Gathering Artifacts.jpg

Similar to the idea of reaching the max level in other games, collecting all the game's Artifacts will allow your character to reach their maximum potential.

List of All Artifacts

Find all the Moogle Stamps

In the original game, collecting all of the Moogle Stamps gave players access to a mini-game called Blazin' Caravans, which could only be played with multiple GBAs.

In the Remaster, this mini-game has been removed and replaced with Memory Crystals, which give access to the Mimic feature, allowing players to change their appearance.

Memory Crystals are also available as a reward for completing Post-Game Dungeons, so you'll have to go deeper to take this task to its end, but finding all of the Moogle Stamps is an important first step.

All Moogle Stamp Locations

Create Eight Characters

FFCC_Multiple Characters.jpg

To fill out your game completely, you'll want to create a character for each of the eight available slots. By picking a different Family Job for each, you'll be able to fill out your starting town completely, and have access to all the shops there.

For those who are truly dedicated, increasing all the characters' Family Relationships to max will allow access to all the best items in each shop!

All Production Level Bonuses

View All Events

ffcc caravan.jpg

Events are random encounters you can have while exploring the world of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It might be tedious but these memories actually serve a purpose against the ultimate enemy of the game's story. Check our event list below to complete your caravan's diary!

All Events and Memories

How to Access Post-Game Content

Save After the End of the Game

After completing Mount Vellenge and watching the end of the game, you'll be transported out of the Dungeon. At this point, simply saving your game will be enough to access the Post-Game Content.

Even if you beat the game, quit, and then go back to your save data before the boss, you won't be able to access the Post-Game Content. Be sure to watch the entire ending, then save the game afterwards!

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