Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

How to Advance Through the Game

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This page explains how you progress in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (FFCC). Keep reading to find out the general flow of the game!

How to Advance Through Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

General Game Flow

  1. Clear dungeons to collect drops of Myrrh
  2. Receive a letter after you clear a dungeon
  3. Clearing 3 dungeons advances the game by 1 year
  4. Collect Myrrh once again and repeat

Collect Drops of Myrrh

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles can be seen as a game where you collect Myrrh. Once you've gotten 3 drops a year passes. However, just because time passes doesn't mean you can simply see the ending.

Cleared Dungeons Don't Immediately Produce Myrrh

Collecting Myrrh is the main goal of the game, but you can't farm the same dungeon over and over. Once you've received Myrrh from one dungeon you must clear 5 other dungeons and collect their Myrrh first. The second and third times you run a dungeon they behave like new game+ so enemies have higher stats and some dungeons have other changes.

Receive Letters After Clearing

After you clear a dungeon and receive its Myrrh a moogle will deliver you a letter. Replying to these letters can increase your family's production levels and net you items so you should respond in ways that will make them happy.

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