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There are many different Artifacts with different effects to choose from as a Reward for clearing Dungeons in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). In this guide, you can learn what are the best Artifacts to choose for your adventure.

How to Get Artifacts

Artifacts are found primarily in Dungeons, and cannot be purchased from Shops. Treasure Chests, Monsters, and Bosses within Dungeons will reward you with Artifacts.

Treasure Chests Treasure Chests in Dungeons will reward players with Artifacts. Some Treasure Chests will contain one of four random Artifacts, and repeating the Dungeon will be required to collect them all.
Monsters Regular enemies found throughout Dungeons will sometimes drop Artifacts. They are often held by stronger Monsters.
Boss When you defeat each Boss, they will provide four Artifacts to choose from. The Artifacts dropped by the Boss depend on the Bonus Points collected by the players, as well as the Cycle number of the Dungeon (each time a Myrrh tree is fruitful again, a new Cycle begins in that Dungeon).

Artifacts Guide | All Artifact Locations

What's the Best Artifact to Choose in FFCC?

There are many different effects that your Aritfacts can grant to improve your character. To help guide you, we have categorized and organized the best Artifacts to prioritize.

S Tier: Magicite Aritfacts

The Magicite Artifacts or Magicite Rings allow the user to use the specified spell while also raising the Magic stat by 1. This is one of the most useful artifacts for almost every Race, except for the Lilties, who rarely use Magic.

Magicite Artifacts are rare rewards, but highly coveted, as they will allow players to use Spells without the required Magicite. They can also be combined with Magicite for easy Spell Fusion.

Artifact Effect Common Location
Ring of Blizzard Magic +1, Blizzard Veo Lu Sluice
Ring of Cure Magic +1, Cure Conall Curach
Ring of Fire Magic +1, Fire Kilanda
Ring of Life Magic +1, Life Selepation Cave (Boss)
Ring of Thunder Magic +1, Thunder Selepation Cave

Magicite Artifacts

A Tier: Command Artifacts

Command Aritfacts are the next highest priority, as they will give you extra Command Slots to use. You start off with 4 Command Slots, 2 of which will permanently have Attack and Defend by default, and you can expand your Command Slots up to 8.

As these Artifacts are more often available earlier in the game, you probably won't be forced to choose between a Command Artifact and a Magicite Artifact. Prioritize grabbing these early on to give yourself the most possible choices in battle.

Artifact Effect Common Location
Chocobo Pocket Increases Command Slot by 1 Tida (Cycle 1)
Gobbie Pocket Increases Command Slot by 1 Lynari Desert (Cycle 1)
Moogle Pocket Increases Command Slot by 1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Ultimate Pocket Increases Command Slot by 1 Cathuriges Mine (Boss)

Command Artifacts

B Tier: Heart Artifacts

Heart Artifacts raise your max health by 1, allowing you to permanently take more damage. This provides a consistent boost which is not reliant on your Defense stat, which can be decreased with status effects like Burning.

Artifact Effect Common Location
Earth Pendant Gain one heart River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Moon Pendant Gain one heart Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)
Sun Pendant Gain one heart Lynari Desert (Cycle 1)
Star Pendant Gain one heart Lynari Desert (Boss)

Heart Artifacts

C Tier: Stat Artifacts

The lowest priority is the Artifacts that raise your stats; Strength, Defense, and Magic. Of course, the highest level Artifacts in each stat provide a huge boost to your character and should be prioritized. However, the lower-level boosts in each stat can be skipped over in favor of higher-priority Artifacts like the Command and Heart Artifacts.

The main Stat Artifacts to focus on will be those which best match your player's Race. For example, Yukes can prioritize grabbing the Magic-boosting Artifacts, while Lilties can focus on Strength and Defense.

Best Stat-Boosting Artifacts

Artifact Effect Common Location
Gekkabijin Strength +5 Moschet Manor (Boss)
Masamune Strength +5 Kilanda (Boss)
Tome of Ultima Magic +10 Conall Curach (Boss)
Aegis Defense +5 Daemon's Court (Boss)
Stat-Boosting Artifacts
Strength Artifacts Magic Artifacts Defense Artifacts

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