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Miasma Pit.png
This is a guide to the dungeon Miasma Pit in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see our guide about Miasma Pit and a list of all obtainable items, artifacts, scrolls, and monsters you can encounter in this dungeon on each cycle.

Normal Hard
The Mine of Cathuriges Miasma Pit

Miasma Pit Map

Item List

Treasure Chests

1 Raise
2 Cure
3 Adamantite/Rolf's Crystal/Wonder Bangle
4 Golden Feather/Hard Shell/Electrum
5 Galatine/Loaded Dice/Silver Spectacles/Sasuke's Blade/Holy Ring/Flame Tongue/Kris
6 Hard Shell/Golden Feather/Gear/Electrum
7 Gear/Hard Shell/Golden Feather/Electrum
8 Green Beret/Sasuke's Blade/Wonder Bangle/Loaded Dice/Kris/Black Hood/Mage's Staff/Ultimate Pocket
9 Stardust Rod/Sasuke's Blade/Loaded Dice/Green Beret/Murasame/Flame Tongue

Miasma Pit Recommended Setup

Recommended Starting Stats

HP Strength Defense Magic
7-8 80 75 80

Recommended Resistances

Petrification + 2
Poison +2

It is also advisable to set the Chalice's element to earth to prevent the cockatrice's poison and petrification attack to affect you. Their petrification attacks are the most annoying thing in this dungeon so getting rid of that problem is one of the best steps you can take before taking this dungeon on.

Recommended Equipment

Name Defense Effect
Heretical Shield 23 Resist Stone +2
Heretical Gloves 23 Resist Stone +2
Heretical Buckle 23 Resist Stone +2
Heretical Helm 23 Resist Stone +2
Heretical Robe 25 Resist Stone +2

Having poison resistance is good and all but the true resist you should aim to have before tackling the Miasma Pit is stone resistance. The cockatrice in the area are too bulky and all of its attacks can inflict petrification, this includes ranged attacks so just blocking the status ailment is better rather than getting a sneaky hit and getting petrified and swarmed by enemies.

Petrification resistance is also incredibly useful against the boss of this dungeon since he will also have three reinforcements, with one being a cockatrice too.

Miasma Pit Walkthrough

Prepare Resistance for Petrification

Miasma Pit 2.jpeg
The resistances you'll need this time around are for Petrify and Poison. The Cockatrice with Petrifying Breath and the Bomb with Bio line the corridors of the cave.

As Petrification will prevent all movement, even just caught once can lead to being surrounded by enemies and getting beaten down before you can execute a single command. Poison Resistance can be passed on in a pinch, but Petrification Resistance is nigh-essential for completion.

List of All Equipment and Effects

Paralysis and Freeze won't do wonders

Miasma Pit 3.jpeg
As most enemies here have a resistance to Blizzard or Thunder, you'll have a hard time using the usual ploy of paralyzing or freezing enemies repeatedly to prevent them from attacking. Yukes will have a hard time here due to their reliance on Magic, so use a race like a Selkie which can hit well with physical attacks to better handle the foes.

The Map matches The Mine of Cathuriges' 3rd Cycle

Miasma Pit 4.jpeg

Like in the 3rd Cycle of The Mine of Cathuriges, you'll be able to travel to the second floor. It's not required to go there to complete the dungeon, so feel free to skip it if you're just trying to get through the Dungeon.

The Mine of Cathuriges Dungeon Walkthrough

Miasma Pit Boss Guide

Orc Lord

Orc Lord.png

How to Beat Orc Lord

Miasma Pit Rewards Tables

Clear Rewards List

1 Twilight Weapon
2 Dawn Weapon
3 Glorious Bird
4 Golden Feather

Miasma Pit Obtainables

The alphabets and numbers refers to the items/monsters where those items can be obtained respectively.

Scrolls List

Twilight Weapon
Dawn Weapon
Lustrous Bird


Hard Shell
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Golden Feather
(Treasure Chest, Boss)


Ring of Cure
(Treasure Chest)
Wonder Bangle
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Loaded Dice
(Treasure Chest)
Stardust Rod
(Treasure Chest)
Ultimate Pocket
(Treasure Chest)
Silver Spectacles
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Sasuke's Blade
(Treasure Chest)
Green Beret
(Treasure Chest)
Holy Ring
(Treasure Chest)

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