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All DLC Items and DLC Weapons | Is the DLC Worth It?

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This is a guide to all DLC available for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). For information on all the DLC, including Mimic Skins and Weapons, as well as our review of whether the DLC is worth the price, read on.

Price of Each DLC Item

Price for Each Skin $3.99
Price for Each Weapon $4.99
Price for Each Special Item $5.99
Price for All Weapons
(Special Weapon Combo)
$8.99 ($1 off)
Price for All Skins
(Memory Crystal Pack)
$25.99 ($6 off)

List of All DLC Items

All DLC Skins

Each of these skins will provide a unique appearance to your character mimicking that of a main character from a different entry in the series.

New Skins 1.jpg

Yuri and Chelinka from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (voiced by Kumiko Higa and Nami Kurokawa).

New Skins 2.jpg

King Leo and Chancelor Chime from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (voiced by Rie Takahashi and Atsuko Enomoto).

New Skins 3.jpg

Sherlotta from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (voiced by Marina Inoue).

New Skins 4.jpg

Mira and Bel Dat from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord (voiced by Sumire Uesaka and Tomori Kusunoki).

New Skins 5.jpg

Layle from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (voiced by Makoto Yasumura).

Mimic Feature and All New Skins | What are Memory Crystals?

All DLC Weapons

Two new groups of weapons are available, each offering an exclusive weapon for each race. The weapons included are far stronger than any in the original game, so purchasing these weapons will make speeding through the early game a breeze.

Moogle Weapon Pack

Weapon Name / Race Stats
Strength: 45
Strength: 40
Kupo Kupo Hammer
Strength: 45
Kupo Kupo Racket
Strength: 45

Relic Weapon Pack

Weapon Name / Race Stats
Strength: 45
Strength: 40
Strength: 45
Strength: 45

List of All Weapons and Weapon Types

All DLC Special Items

Two other Items are available as DLC, which provide an equippable boost to players. As these are the most expensive items offered, it's likely that they will provide a bonus exceeding that of the best in-game accessories.

Enchanted Wallet (Gil)

“An accessory that lets you pick up slightly more gil. Can be equipped by all tribes.”
Source: Nintendo eShop

Sapphire Earring (Recovery)

“An accessory that slightly increases your recovery speed. Can be equipped by all tribes.”
Source: Nintendo eShop

How to Use and Equip DLC Items

After you've started your adventure, you'll be itching to use your shiny new DLC Items. However, you'll find that they aren't in your Inventory at the start of the game. Follow these steps to get the DLC Items as soon as you start out.

Go to Tipa

Go to Tipa.png

Tipa, your starting town, is accessible on the map from the beginning of the game.

Talk to the Storage Mog

Talk to the Storage Mog.png

The first Mog at the entrance of Tipa is identified as the Storage Mog.

Get the DLC Items

Get the Mogcalibur.png

Just like that, the Storage Mog will give you the Items you've bought! Keep in mind that you will only get the Item in each Weapon Set which corresponds to your character's Race, so you'll need to make more characters to use all the Items.

Equip the DLC Items

How to Equip DLC Item.png
Access the Menu (Y Button on Switch) and go to the Items tab. You'll find the new items waiting there and ready to equip!

Is the DLC Worth It?

DLC Weapons are useful for speeding through the game

The weapons obtainable via the DLC are all more powerful than any of the weapons obtainable in the original game. Their Focus Attacks are nothing special, but they have plenty of power to spare, so if you want to rush through the original game and get to the Post-Game Dungeons right away, the DLC Weapons are a good bet.

DLC Skins are just for looks

Since the DLC Skins have no in-game effect and simply change the appearance of your character, whether they are worth it or not is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to play the game in a new way, but don't like the idea of using powerful items to rush through the game, the DLC Skins could be a good choice.

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1 Xiroalmost 4 years

Gil accessory seems to grant about 20% extra compared to my friends. Not sure how to measure the other one.


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