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Father's Weapon Sidequest Walkthrough

This is a guide to obtaining the father's weapon series in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to know how to obtain the father's weapon series!

Father's Weapon Prerequisites and Rewards

Father's weapon is a weapon that can only be obtained through letters.

Requiement Obtain a Letter about your dad hurting his back, Orc Belt.
Rewards Father's Weapon

Father's Weapon Sidequest Guide

Recieve News About Your Father's Back

You will obtain news about your Father from you mother. She will tell you about your father hurting his back and how an Orc Belt can help your father's condition. Sending an Orc Belt will allow you to recieve a father's weapon that is compatible with your current class.

Father's Weapon Series

Father's Maul Father's Spear
Father's Hammer Father's Sword

Failure To Send Orc Belt

Orc Belt Back.jpg
Failing to send an Orc Belt will prevent you from obtaining the Father's Weapon series. It is not the greatest weapon around but there is no other way to obtain the weapon.

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