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List of Swords

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This is a list of all Swords in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn about all the different types of Swords and their effects here!

How to Use Swords

Swords are one of the four primary weapon types in the game. These weapons can only be used by Clavats, one of the game's four Tribes.

List of Swords

Original Game Swords

These Swords were all found in the original game for the GameCube, and only these Swords can be obtained without visiting Post-Game Dungeons or buying DLC.

Name Strength Scroll
Copper Sword
15 N/A
Treasured Sword
18 N/A
Iron Sword
20 Novice's Weapon
Marr Sword
22 N/A
Steel Blade
25 Warrior's Weapon
Rune Blade
30 Master's Weapon
Feather Saber
31 Valiant Weapon
31 Victorious Weapon
Father's Sword
32 N/A
Bastard Sword
32 Mighty Weapon
33 Legendary Weapon
Ultima Sword
35 Greatest Weapon
35 Dark Weapon

Post-Game Dungeon Swords

Name Strength Scroll
Chronicle Sword
33 Beginnings Weapon
Vanitas Sword
33 Empty Weapon
Acies Fang
33 Noble Weapon
57 Twilight Weapon
Blaze Nova
57 Dawn Weapon

DLC Swords

DLC Sword Focus Attack names have not been confirmed in-game and are translations from the Japanese names.

Name Strength Scroll
45 N/A
45 N/A

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