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List of Armor

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This is a list of all Armor in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn about all the different types of Armor and their effects here!

How to Use Armor

Unlike other kinds of Equipment, Armor can be equipped by any of the four Tribes. Armor raises the wearer's Defense, and often has a special effect which will grant Resistence to a certain element.

List of Armor

Original Game Armor

These Armors were all found in the original game for the GameCube, and only these Armors can be obtained without visiting Post-Game Dungeons or buying DLC.

Name Defense Effect
Blessed Mail 23 Resist Poison +1
Bronze Plate 13 -
Crystal Mail 24 Resist Miasma
Diamond Plate 27 -
Eternal Mail 23 Resist Stasis +1
Flame Mail 24 Resist Fire +1
Frost Mail 24 Resist Ice +1
Gaia Plate 30 -
Gold Mail 24 Resist Stone +1
Iron Plate 17 -
Mythril Plate 22 -
Saintly Mail 23 Resist Curse +1
Storm Mail 24 Resist Lightning +1
Time Mail 23 Resist Slow +1
Travel Clothes 10 -

Post-Game Dungeon Armor

Name Defense Effect
Acies Armor 25 Resist Ice +2
Chronicle Mail 25 Resist Lightning +2
Dragon Mail 25 Resist Poison +2
Heretical Robe 25 Resist Stone +2
Pom-Pom Cloak 25 Resist Curse +2
Valkyrie Mail 25 Resist Stop +2
Vanitas Mail 25 Resist Fire +2

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