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Farmer Home Job

Farmer is one of the 8 Home Jobs your family can have when creating a character in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Here you can learn about their benefits, location, and other basic information.

Farmer Basic Information

The Farmer is a Production-type Home Job. If you send them a Wheat Seed, they'll give you Bannock Bread.

Farmer Perks and Benefits

After 2 years, you can start receiving bundles of Wheat from the Farmer.

Improving Relationship with Farmer

Sending the Farmer gifts of Seeds will improve your relationship with them.

Farmer's Location

You can find the Farmer's home in Tipa, your hometown. They live to the left of the Crystal and the Blacksmith.

They will move in once you create a character with the Farmer Home Job.

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