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Pale Cave Dungeon Walkthrough

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This is a guide to the dungeon Pale Cave in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see our guide about Pale Cave and a list of all obtainable items, artifacts, scrolls, and monsters you can encounter in this dungeon on each cycle.

Normal Hard
Selepation Cave Pale Cave

Pale Cave Map

Item List

Treasure Chests

1 Raise
2 Cure
3 Phoenix Down/Electrum
4 Onion Sword/Masquerade/Ring of Protection/Tome of Ultima/Sparkling Bracer/Chicken Knife/Book of Light
5 Phoenix Down/Flower Seeds/Dragon Scale
6 Onion Sword/Masquerade/Ring of Protection/Tome of Ultima/Sparkling Bracers/Chicken Knife/Book of Light
7 Electrum/Faerie Ring/Silver Spectacles/Sparkling Bracer
8 Phoenix Down/Flower Seeds/Dragon Eye
9 Phoenix Down/Electrum
10 Phoenix Down/Flower Seeds/Dragon Eye
11 Phoenix Down/Flower Eye/Dragon Scale
12 Mjollnir/Loaded Dice/Tome of Ultima/Rune Bell/Chicken Knife/Black Hood/Sage's Staff
13 Phoenix Down/Flower Seeds/Dragon Scale

Pale Cave Recommended Setup

Recommended Starting Stats

HP Strength Defense Magic
7-8 75 70 75

Recommended Resistance

Thunder +1(minimum) or + 2(recommended)

Recommended Equipment

Name Defense Effect
Storm Chronicle 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Gloves 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Belt 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Helm 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Mail 25 Resist Lightning +2

Having a high resistance to lightning is a godsend in this dungeon. Status ailments that restrict mobility is the worst thing you can encounter in the post-game dungeons since enemies will quickly swarm you while you're helpless to defend yourself.

Pale Cave Walkthrough

Thunder Resistance is a Must-Have

Pale Cave 1.jpeg
You'll have a hard time here without Thunder resistance. Even regular Goblins on your path will be casting Thundaga, so if you don't have any resistance at all, you'll get paralyzed and become a punching bag. Even just a +1 resistance is enough to pull through in most situations, so be sure you have it first.

List of All Equipment and Effects

Possible to force through to the boss

Pale Cave 2.jpeg

▲Most enemies can be stopped with Blizzara

Pale Cave does not have any gimmicks to block your way, and it's possible to simply force your way through. By ignoring most of the enemies in your path, you can make it all the way to the boss.

If you don't have any Magic, the Boss will be a hard fight, so you may have to defeat some enemies to collect Magicite. But if you become able to win reliably, this method allows for grinding of high-level Scrolls and Materials.

Pale Cave Boss Guide

Abyss Worm

Abyss Worm.png

How to Beat Abyss Worm

Pale Cave Rewards Tables

Clear Rewards List

1 Palladium Armor
2 Palladium Guard
3 Dragon Scale
4 Dragon Eye

Pale Cave Obtainables

Scrolls List

Palladium Armor
Palladium Guard


Flower Seed
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Dragon Scale
(Treasure Chest, Boss)
Dragon Eye
(Treasure Chest, Boss)


Ring of Protection
(Treasure Chest)
Chicken Knife
(Treasure Chest)
Black Hood
(Treasure Chest)
Silver Spectacles
(Treasure Chest)
Heavy Armband
(Treasure Chest)
Ultima Tome
(Treasure Chest)
Rune Bell
(Treasure Chest)
Sage's Staff
(Treasure Chest)
Faerie Ring
(Treasure Chest)
Book of Light
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Loaded Dice
(Treasure Chest)
Onion Sword
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)

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