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Multiplayer Tips and Each Race's Role

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Learn how to play multiplayer efficiently with our multiplayer guide in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Here, we explain a general rule when playing multiplayer and each race's role.

General Multiplayer Tips

Play with Bonus Points in Mind

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Upon starting a dungeon, you will see the required action you need to take to rack up bonus points. The final rewards of the dungeon is based on everyone's bonus points so not farming bonus points for yourself will not only hurt you but the whole team.

Always Equip a Phoenix Down

Playing Multiplayer will mean that others will have your back. But it will be way better if they didn't have to worry about yours. Having a phoenix down ready will allow you in the action 100% of the time.

Prepare your Menu's Memory to Phoenix Down

Pausing in Multiplayer is impossible unfortunately. This means that expending your phoenix down once will render you vulnerable for the upcoming duration of the fight. Being able to quickly re-equip phoenix downs is extremely vulnerable during those harsh fights.

This is much more valuable during the harder post-game dungeon but if you are able to do this really fast, even the hardest post-game dungeons becomes doable.

Post-Game Dungeons (Hard Mode)

Play According to Role

You can't just choose a Yuke and go in and smack enemies. Learn the best way to play your chosen character and stick to that role. We have listed the optimal playstyles of each races below.

Each Classes' Role in Multiplayer

Not all races are created equal. Each class has a specific set of weapons with unique abilities in them as well as different stats. We list below all the roles each class should be focusing at when playing in Multiplayer.



Clavats are the supposed to be tanks in the game. They, however, sports an above average damage and high defense stat as well as fast casting time. With this, the Clavat should be focused on dealing damage while healing and ressurecting fallen allies comes second.



Lilties are the strongest damage dealers in the game. This makes their playstyle extremely simple. A Lilty's role is to simply go out there and kill enemies. Make sure to always prepare phoenix downs too to become an unstoppable killing machine.



Yukes roles vary depending on the team's composition. If the Clavat is focusing on healing, the Yuke can focus on dealing damage (either by using spells or using the post-game weapon's focus attacks). But most of the time, a Yuke's role will be to heal party members so make sure that you atleast have a Cure Ring before tackling the post game dungeons



Selkies role is to stay far away and use ranged focus attacks to deal damage. In the late stages of the game however, Selkie's role will change. They will be focused on supporting everyone with Hastega trick from Evergreen but this will lead to them not having any offensive capabiliy. We highly suggest getting a meteor ring or other magicite rings for Selkies if you do have Evergreen equipped.

Closing Notes

These recommendations are highly subjective. Have a different opinion or suggestion of your own? Leave a comment below.

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