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Best Home Job (Family Trade) | What Home Job Should You Choose?

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When creating a character in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC), you'll also need to select what kind of profession your parents will have. In this guide, you can find out what best home job to have and what benefits and effects you can get from each of them.

What's the Best Home Job to Choose?

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S Tier: The Merchant or the Alchemist

For the main character's family trade, the Merchant and the Alchemist are two of the strongest choices.

The Merchant allow you to not only purchase items cheaply, but also eases the pain of traveling around to buy or gather items needed for crafting.

The Alchemist, on the other hand, will give a Scroll to the player for free every year, which makes crafting significantly easier as well.

A Tier: The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith comes with its own advantages. Crafting is required to obtain all the equipment in the game, and you'll need access to a character with a Blacksmith as a home job to craft the Ultimate Equipment. It's possible to make a second character in-game with the Blacksmith trade, so be sure to choose the Blacksmith at some point if you're hoping to reach the final tier of Equipment.

How to Craft the Ultimate Weapons

Important Points in Choosing a Home Job

Maintain a Good Family Relationship

Some of the Home Jobs in the game require the main character to have a good relationship with their parents. This relationship factor affects the Production Level, a hidden value which changes the items purchasable from the Merchant, Blacksmith, Tailor, and Alchemist, as well as the price at which they will sell you items.

You can improve your Family Relationship by sending letters with gifts after each dungeon. Gifts which match the items used in your Home Job will be most effective for improving the relationship.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Alchemist's Production Level maxes out at level 12, so if you raise the Family Relationship value too much at first, you might accidentally skip over some of the useful Scrolls your father can give you. Try to raise the Production Level gradually to make sure you get everything he has to offer.

All Discount Levels

Relationship Level Discounts
0 to 40 Full Price
41 to 60 30%
61 to 80 55%
81 to 100 65%

How to Get Multiple Home Jobs

Whichever Home Job you pick, the parents of your character will have that job and move into your town and set up a shop. This allows all characters on the same file to access the benefits of these jobs.

It can be a good strategy to make 7 extra characters with different Home Jobs, so you can have access to all of the shops at the start of the game already. Of course, if you don't increase the Family Relationship for each character, their shops' options will be limited, so you'll need to replay the game several times if you want full access to all the shops at their full potential.

All Home Jobs

There are 8 different Home Jobs you can choose from when you first create your character. You can categorize the Home Jobs into two classes; Production Jobs and Crafting/Selling Jobs.

Production Jobs

Under Production Jobs you have Fisherman, Rancher, Miller, and Farmer. You can get freebies from them at the start of every new year or when you send them something.

Because the items received with Production Jobs are not significantly useful compared to items like Materials or Scrolls, they are low-priority to choose.


If you talk to your Fisherman father once a year, depending on your Family Relationship and the amount of money you sent home, you'll receive an amount of Fish. However, there are no other bonuses.


If you send a Wheat Seed in your letter, you can receive a loaf of Bannock Bread. You can also receive bags of Flour after two years, which can only be sold for profit.


If you send a Wheat Seed in your letter, you can receive a loaf of Bannock Bread. You can also receive bundles of Wheat after two years, which can only be sold for profit.


If you talk to your Rancher father once a year, you can receive Meat. From Year Three on, you can also get bottles of Milk, but there are no other advantages.

Crafting and Selling Jobs

For the Merchant, Blacksmith, Tailor, and Alchemist jobs, you will have to pay in order to get items instead of getting them for free. However, these items are significantly more useful than those provided by the Production Jobs, making them higher priority to choose.

You do have the benefit of receiving a discount, depending on your relationship with your family, as well as getting access to more items in their catalog with every improvement to Production Level.

List of Home Jobs

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