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Leveling up in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC) will make your character stronger and let you take on harder dungeons and tougher enemies. In this guide you can learn how best to level up your character, and efficiently level up multiple characters.

How to Level Up

You don't level up in the typical way in FFCC. Instead, you have to collect artifacts that will improve your character either by improving their Stats, Raising the Max HP, increasing Command Slots, or giving them access to Magic Spells without the need for Magicite.

At the end of each dungeon you will be given a choice between 8 different artifacts, and whatever you select will permanently enhance your character. You can't select an Artifact that you already have.

You can replay the dungeon multiple times in order to collect all 8 artifacts that will improve your character.

Artifacts Guide

Leveling Up Multiple Characters

You can have up to 8 characters of different races and Home Jobs, maxing out all of their stats will take a long time. Just maxing out 1 dungeon with all 8 characters will take you a minimum 64 times!

Max Your Main Character

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Having a main go-to character will make the story progression easier. You want this character to be the one you enjoy playing as the most as well. Max out all their stats and equip them with the best weapons and armor.

Level Up Your Characters with Crafting-type Families

Your next priority should be to level up your characters with Crafting-type families (Merchant, Tailor, Alchemist, Blacksmith). Doing this will make it easier for you to raise your relationship with their families and improve their Home Jobs, unlocking more items to buy and craft.

When choosing Artifacts for these characters, you might want to just focus on the Stats they require (Magic for Yuke, Defense for Lilty, etc), this will save you some time and lessen the amount of Artifact farming you need to do.

Max Relationship with Family

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You can improve your relationship with your family by sending them gifts and replying to their letters. You get this opportunity every time you clear a dungeon and collect Myrrh. Once you maxed out a character's relationship, you might want to consider using a different character to collect the Myrrh in order for them to receive letters too.

Family Gifts

Use Storage Moogle

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The Storage Moogle in front of your Hometown acts like a shared inventory between all your characters. Deposit your extra Scrolls, Materials, and Gil so that your less-farmed characters can easily craft their weapons and armor.

You can even deposit your weapons and armor for other characters to use as long as they're compatible.

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