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This is a guide about De Nam's Letters in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to know about De Nam's fate, how to start getting his letters, and the replies needed for those letters.

De Nam's Letters Prerequisites and Rewards

Requirement Access to Shella.
Reward Worn Bandanna

De Nam's Letters Sidequest Walkthrough

1 Enter Shella
2 Talk to De Nam near the tailor on the south-eastern part of Shella
3 Exit and Return to Shella then talk to the Yuke on the northern side of the map to hear the De Nam has left the village to conduct his research.
4 Gather Myrrh, everytime you do, De Nam will send a letter.
Note On De Nam's 3rd letter, do not reply "maybe you're right" or this will end the quest. You can reply to the other letters in however you see fit.
5 After recieving the 9th letter, head to Conall Curach. Defeat enemies until you recieve the Worn Bandanna.

De Nam's 3rd Letter

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on De Nam's 3rd letter, do not reply Maybe you're right if you do want to proceed with the quest. Doing so will stop De Nam's letters and you will never see him again.

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