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What to Send to Family
Confused about items you need to send back to your family? Fret not! This is a guide that answers the question What Items to Send to Family in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on and know what items to give and make your (in-game) family happy and proud!

Items and Events From Letters

Unique Items From Letters

Father's Weapon Send an Orc Belt after recieving a letter about your father losing it once.
Treasured Weapon Replying "No, thank you" to your mother after recieving a letter about a legendary weapon.
Worn Bandanna Defeat a Stone Sahagin after recieving the letters from De Nam.

Seeds and Produce

If you send seeds to your family, you can get an item from the crops yielded by that seed.

Family Member Seeds Yields
Mother Fruit
Striped Apple
Rainbow Grapes
Cherry Cluster
Mother Mysterious
All your favorite foods except fish and meat.
Brother Vegetable
Star Carrot
Round Corn
Gourd Potato
- Wheat
Produces Wheat. Can only be used by a farmer home job.

Sheds Light Unto Other Recipient's Story

Reading letters will allow you to know more about the events happening around the people around you. Be it from family members, fellow people from caravans, and any other NPC in general.

Family Gifts and Letters

When obtaining Myrrh, You will get a letter from moogles. Most of the letters you'll obtain will be from your family members so knowing what to do with these letters is key to building a good relationship with your (in-game) family. Here, we will discuss the items you should send to your family.

Crafting Materials

Crafting materials are great for your respective home jobs. Giving ores such as Bronze and Iron to your blacksmith family will make them really happy while sending yarns to Tailors will yield the same effect.

Related Products

The same idea works for the other family jobs. Sending items related to their jobs will make their affinity with you greatly rise. Fish for Fishermen, Seeds for farmers, etc. The merchant will be happy with anything,

Seeds Are Always Great

Sending seeds to your family will allow them to plant those seeds and give you its product after a year has passed. When in doubt, send a seed. The wheat seed works differently as this seed can only be used by the farmer job class.


Money always works when you want to bolster your relationship with your family. This might be more costly than sending in materials they want but it'll work if you really need those items for yourself.

Benefits of High Affinity with Family

General Benefits

1 Amount of Money obtained increased.
2 (Important)Occupation level of your father increases.
Only applies to Blacksmiths, Tailors, Alchemists, and Merchants.
3 Father's wares becomes cheaper.
4 Dialogue with family will get better.
The opposite holds true while having a bad affinity with family.

Obtaining the Ultima Weapon

The ultima weapon can only be obtained from your hometown with several families. The Ultima weapon is the strongest weapon in the game and crafting it will be worth the time and penny spent doing it. Want to craft the strongest weapon? Read our guide below to learn more.

How to Craft the Ultimate Weapons | Best Weapons

Letters Miscellaneous Info

Always Be Polite

This should be an obvious thing but is sometimes neglected. Always reply in a positive way when a letter is sent to you. This does not give as high a benefit as sending in an item they want but it will still help increase your relationship with your family.

Letters are Obtained Only When You Get Myrrh

Contrary to popular belief, Letters are only sent when you have obtained a Myrrh. This means that you won't get a letter by completing a dungeon that hasn't replenished it's Myrrh yet and you especially don't get Myrrh by killing a boss. This also holds true when joining a multiplayer lobby. But you can always create your own lobby and wait for people to join.

Contents of Letters Vary

Below are the factors considered that affects the contents of the letters you recieve throughout the game.

1 Race
2 Gender
3 Occupation
4 Family Members
5 Affinity
6 Years Elapsed
7 Myrrh Drops Collected
8 Chosen Replies and Items attached
9 Seeing events and talking to people

Gil Formula

During the course of the game, your father will be giving you money every year. The value of the money actually depends on several things and is not random. Below are the variables used in calculating the money obtained.

  • A = Relationship value with each of your family members.
  • B = Sell Price of all the items you sent.
  • C = Amount of Gil sent last year.
  • D = Number of memories.

With the formula of.
Gil Obtained = (A - 40) + (B / 25) + (C / 100) + D)

Note:There is a limit of 10,000 gil so don't be too galant to your family.

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