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Tips For Playing Single Player

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This guide will give you tips on how to get through Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC) in single-player mode. If you're struggling on your own, don't sweat it! Check out our recommendations on how to succeed alone.

Single-Player Tricks

Avoiding Death is Top Priority

When playing single-player you cannot be raised by Mog. Putting a Phoenix Down in your command list can revive you but you should focus on staying alive by healing yourself with Cure.

Inflict Status Ailments

On your own you'll come into a number of situations where it's you against an entire army. In these situations, hitting enemies with status ailments like Freeze or Burn can help take their numbers down for an easier fight.

Recommended Fusions for Single-Player

List of Fusions

Fusion Name Recommendation
Magic Strike ・Icestrike has a high chance to Freeze
・Use Firestrike on bosses that can't be frozen
Regular attacks are also effective
Blizzara ・Very helpfu against large groups
・Has a low cast time and high chance to Freeze
Gravity ・Makes it easier to fight flying enemies
Absolutely necessary in areas with many flying enemies
Holy ・Makes Ghost-like enemies attackable
Make sure to fuse it in areas with many undead enemies

Commands Can Be Fused From the Menu

Unlike in multiplayer, you can fuse magic right from the menu without having to time it with a partner. When you don't want to use the fused magic anymore, go into the menu and select Split to go back to the original magic commands.

Recommended Race for Single-Player

List of Race Recommendations

Race Rank Reason
Clavat ★★★★★ ・Can equip a wide variety of equipment
・High defense
・Excels at both physical and magical combat
Male Clavat move quickly
Yuke ★★★★★ ・Best magic users
・Low spell cast time
・Good for advanced players
・Starts slow but ramps up
Lilty ★★★ ・Best physical attacker
・Not great with magic
Selkie ★★★★ ・Best Focus Attack user
・Excels at Magic Strikes
・Other stats are on the lower side

We recommend players new to the game to use the all-rounder Clavat and Yuke, who gets stronger with better equipment, for those who are confident in their action game skills. However, stat gains aren't all equal as they depend on what artifacts you obtain as you play through the game, so it's also totally fine to choose the race of your liking that matches your playstyle.

List of Races (Classes) | Race Differences and Stats

Differences Between Single and Multiplayer

Spell Fusion is Different

Spell Fusion is performed in the command list when playing solo, but on multiplayer you have to time your casts with your allies. This can be difficult to pull off at times so communication is necessary.

You Can't Be Raised

As stated above, putting Phoenix Downs in your command list will allow you to be revived, but there is no way for Mog to use Raise on you. When playing online another player can cast Raise or Arise to bring you back to life alongside Phoenix Downs.

Mog Joins As Your Partner

Offline, instead of carrying the Crystal Chalice on your own, your Moogle pal will do the heavy lifting instead. The below article has more information on how Mog works and what sorts of things he can do.

What Can Mog Do?

Some Buttons Behave Differently

In multiplayer the button for chatting is changed to the button to control Mog offline. As communication is important when playing online, you can customize this feature to your liking to quickly convey what you need to your party members through text.

Multiplayer Guide | How to Play Multiplayer

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