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Heart Artifacts | Artifacts that Add Hearts

This is a list of Artifacts which grant an additional Heart to the player in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn which Artifacts have this effect.

Artifacts that Add Hearts

Artifact Dungeons / Boss Drops

Effect: Gain one heart
Goblin Wall (All & Boss)
Moschet Manor (All & Boss)
River Belle Path (Cycle 2 & 3)
The Mine of Cathuriges (All & Boss)
The Mushroom Forest (All & Boss)

Effect: Gain one heart
Daemon's Court (All & Boss)
Kilanda (All & Boss)
Moschet Manor (Cycle 3 & Boss)
Selepation Cave (Cycle 1 & 2 & Boss)
Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1 & 2 & Boss)

Effect: Gain one heart
Conall Curach (All & Boss)
Kilanda (Cycle 3 & Boss)
Lynari Desert (All & Boss)
Rebena Te Ra (All & Boss)

Effect: Gain one heart
Lynari Desert (Boss)
Misty Mount Kilanda (Treasure Chest)

Note About the Heart Stat

There is no otherway to get hearts aside from getting the above artifacts. It is highly recommended to take heart artifacts if it is available as a dungeon reward.

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