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This page will go into detail about the different races in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (FFCC) Remastered. If you're wondering what sets each race apart and the best for each situation keep on reading!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Races


Starting Stats

HP 8 Strength 6
Defense 7 Magic 13

Clavat Stats
Best Weapon and Equipment for Clavats

Great Tank With High Defense and Magic

Clavat make great all-rounders with their balanced stats to make use of both physical and magical attacks. Paired with high defense, they are great for new players learning the game and formidable tanks.


HP 8 Strength 8
Defense 8 Magic 10

Lilty Stats | Best Weapon and Equipment for Lilties

Strong Physical Attacker With High Attack and Defense

Next to Clavats, Lilties are also friendly for new players. With their high attack stat they are proficient in physical attacks but are lacking in magic.


HP 8 Strength 5
Defense 5 Magic 15

Yuke Stats
Best Weapon and Equipment for Yukes

Powerful Magic Attacker

Yukes are the strongest when it comes to magic attacks, but their low defense and reliance on Magicite can make them trickier to use efficiently. Recommended for advanced players or multi-player to keep away from the frontline.


HP 8 Strength 7
Defense 6 Magic 12

Selkie Stats
Best Weapon and Equipment for Selkies

Fast Focus Attacker

While Selkies' strength stat doesn't quite compare to Clavat's or Lilty's, they make up for it with their Focus Attack charge time being incredibly fast. Similar to Yukes they aren't the most friendly to beginners but they can pack a powerful punch if used correctly.

Race Stat Comparison

Clavat Lilty Yuke Selkie
Attack 2 4 1 3
Defense 4 4 1 2
Focus Attack Activation 2 3 1 4
Focus Attack Range 1 4 1 3
Magic 3 1 4 2
Cast Time 3 1 4 2
Magic Range 3 1 4 1

4 is the max. The higher the number the better.

Each Race has advantages and disadvantages for specific situations. Check out our choice for overall Best Race in the full guide below!

Best Race to Choose

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