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List of Armor Scrolls

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This is a list of Scrolls which can be used to craft Armor in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Check each Scroll's page for details on where to find it, and the Materials and gil needed to craft each Armor!

List of Armor Scrolls

Scroll Craftable Equipment
Currently UnavailableBeginnings Armor Chronicle Mail
Currently UnavailableBronze Armor Bronze Plate
Currently UnavailableCopycat Moogle Pom-Pom Cloak
Currently UnavailableCursed Robe Heretical Robe
Currently UnavailableDiamond Armor Diamond Plate
Currently UnavailableEarth Armor Gaia Plate
Currently UnavailableEmpty Armor Vanitas Mail
Currently UnavailableEternal Armor Eternal Mail
Currently UnavailableFlame Armor Flame Mail
Currently UnavailableFrost Armor Frost Mail
Currently UnavailableGold Armor Gold Mail
Currently UnavailableHoly Armor Saintly Mail
Currently UnavailableIron Armor Iron Plate
Currently UnavailableLightning Armor Storm Mail
Currently UnavailableMythril Armor Mythril Plate
Currently UnavailableNoble Armor Acies Armor
Currently UnavailablePalladium Armor Dragon Mail
Currently UnavailablePure Armor Blessed Mail
Currently UnavailableRadiant Armor Crystal Mail
Currently UnavailableSilver Guard Valkyrie Shield
Valkyrie Gloves
Valkyrie Belt
Valkyrie Helm
Currently UnavailableTime Armor Time Mail

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