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Tailor Home Job

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Tailor is one of the 8 Home Jobs your family can have when creating a character in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Here you can learn about their benefits, location, and other basic information.

Tailor Basic Information

The Tailor is a Crafting-type Home Job. They can make accessories for you in exchange for materials and scrolls.

Tailor Perks and Benefits

Craftable Accessories (Depending on Production Level)
Early Flame Craft, Frost Craft, Lightning Craft, Clockwork
Level 1 New Clockwork, Blue Yarn, Tome of Wisdom, Tome of Speed, Fiend Kit, Faerie Kit, Eyewear Techniques, Goggle Techniques
Level 2 White Yarn, Gold Craft, Secrets of Wisdom, Secrets of Speed, Daemon Kit, Angel Kit, Designer Glasses, Designer Goggles
Level 3 Ring of Invincibility

You can get better items if you have a better relationship with your family if they're the Tailor.

Improving Relationship with Tailor

Sending gifts of Gil and Material can improve your relationship with the Tailor.

Tailor's Location

You can find the Tailor's home in Tipa, your hometown. They are located to the left of the town Crystal, before the path leading up to the Cliff.

They will move in once you create a character with the Tailor Home Job.

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