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How to Find the Unknown Element (Mystery Element)

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The Unknown Element is the one which holds over all four other Elements of the Crystal Chalice. Learn how to find the Unknown Element and everything it can do.

What is the Unknown Element?

Can Go Through Any Miasma Stream

When your Crystal Chalice's Element is changed to the Unknown Element, you will be able to pass through any Miasma Stream regardless of its element. This is required to proceed through the story, so it's essential to figure out how to get the Unknown Element.

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How to Get the Unknown Element

Obtain in the Lynari Desert

When you reach the Lynari Desert Dungeon, your primary goal will be to obtain the Unknown Element for your Crystal Chalice.

Gurdy drops hints on how to accomplish this throughout the various caravan events in the game, revealing what objects you need to cast magic on, shown in the table below.

▼How to Get the Unknown Element
Start at 1 and make your way to 5 where you will receive the Mystery Element Chalice
① Lightning brings the cactus pain
Use Thunder on the cactus
② Of Crumbled inns few reminisce
Use Gravity on the destroyed tent
③ Lonely mushroom bursts to flame
Use Fire on the mushroom on the cliff
④ Three rocks await the winter's kiss
Use Blizzard on the 3 rocks, starting with the smallest
⑤ In the end shall bloom a flower, sacred light reveals its power
Use Holy on the white flower

Obtainable from Year Five

Year Five is the first point at which the Unknown Element can be obtained. There's no need to rush to get it, but having it will prevent you from being walled in by Miasma and allow you to easily progress to anywhere on the Map. It will also allow you to travel to Mount Vellenge, the game's final dungeon, so you'll need to get the Unknown Element sooner or later.

Things to Watch Out For

Don't Change to a Different Element

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Once you've changed your Crystal Chalice to the Unknown Element, there's little reason to change it back to one of the other Elements. The other Elements provide resistances to certain status effects, making them useful for specific situations, but in general, the Unknown Element will be most useful for allowing travel to any Map.

If you switch to another Element, you'll have to travel back to the Lynari Desert to change back to the Unknown Element again. It's not a total dealbreaker, but this can be a hassle, so unless you're really struggling without a certain resistance, you're best off sticking with the Unknown Element.

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1 Anonymousover 3 years

In the gamecube version, you would have to follow the steps in sequence shown above with the different magicite. In the Nintendo switch version, you would have to play the map “single player” and make sure you finish the game with your moogle stamp. the moogle stamp can be found in the moogle cave located on the left side of the desert map.


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