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Moschet Manor.png
This is a guide to the dungeon Moschet Manor in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see our guide about Moschet Manor and a list of all obtainable items, artifacts, scrolls, and monsters you can encounter in this dungeon on each cycle.

Moschet Manor Map

Moschet Manor Map.pngEnlarge

Moschet Manor Moogle House Locations


To the left of the dining table you can find the entrance to a Moogle House.

All Moogle House Locations

Item List

Cycle 1 Treasure Chests
1 Raise
2 Cure
3 Fashion Kit/Lady Accessories
4 Ashura/Flametongue/Kaiser Knuckles/Shuriken
5 Faerie Ring/Rune Staff/Winded Cap/Wonder Wand
6 8 Gil/12 Gil/10 Gil/15 Gil
7 Helm of Arai

Cycle 2 Treasure Chests
1 Raise
2 Cure
3 Fashion Kit/Lady Accessories
4 Fang Charm/Flametongue/Kaiser Knuckles/Ogrekiller
5 Candy Ring/Winded Cap/Wonder Wand
6 12 Gil/40 Gil/15 Gil/50 Gil
7 Elven Mantle/Helm of Arai

Cycle 3 Treasure Chests
1 Raise
2 Cure
3 Fashion Kit/Lady Accessories
4 Engetsurin/Fang Charm/Mjolnir/Ogrekiller
5 Candy Ring/Dark Matter/Noah's Lute
6 40 Gil/100 Gil/50 Gil/200 Gil
7 Elven Mantle/Wonder Bangle

Moschet Manor Walkthrough

Recommended Starting Stats

HP Strength Defense Magic
5 30 25 20

Cure Magicite to Your Right

Cure Magicite to Your Right.jpg

Before heading deeper into the manor, immediately go to your right for a treasure chest containing a Cure magicite. The opposite side has a Raise magicite but this isn't necessary if you're playing solo.

List of Magicite and its Effects

Drop the Gargoyles with Gravity

Cast Gravity on the Gargoyles, then attack them while they're powerless on the ground.

How to Use Gravity

Myrrh and Miasma History

Once the library is clear of monsters, stand on each of its platforms to read about the history of Myrrh and Miasma.

Defeat the 9 Tonberry Chefs

Defeat 9 Tonberry Chefs.jpg

Instead of having a dedicated boss room like previous dungeons, Moschet Manor instead requires you to defeat 9 Tonberry Chefs that appear in 6 rooms to spawn the boss.

The room to the left of the entrance doesn't contain a Tonberry Chef. There's no required order to defeating them so you can go about exterminating them as you please. Our recommendation is starting with the room to the right of the entrance and heading counter clockwise around the manor.

Sneaky Chef

In the northeast room the Tonberry Chef will not appear unless you approach the north side of the bed. He's really hard to see, so make sure to keep a sharp eye out!

Tonberry Chef Weaknesses and Locations

★Wait For the Symbols to Change

Wait for Symbols to Change.jpg

The symbol outside each of the rooms serve as switches. There are 4 symbols that relate to each of the races in the game and require the corresponding race to unlock the door. This is ultimately impossible in single player or if you lack each race so the symbols will change over time allowing anyone to unlock each door.

List of Races (Classes)

Moschet Manor Boss Guide

Gigas Lord

Gigas Lord.png

How to Beat Gigas Lord

Moschet Manor Monsters

Cycle: All
Cycle: All
Cycle: All
Cycle: 3
Tonberry Chef
Cycle: All

Moschet Manor Obtainables

The alphabets and numbers refers to the items/monsters where those items can be obtained respectively.

Scrolls List

Lady's Accessories
Fashion Kit
Legendary Shield
Legendary Weapon


Coeurl's Whisker
Lord's Robe
(Cycle 1)
Holy Water
(Cycle 1 & 3)
(Cycle 3)
Tiny Crystal
(Cycle 3)
Yellow Feather
(Cycle 3)


Earth Pendant
(All & Boss)
Green Beret
Silver Spectacles
Book of Light
Black Hood
Ice Brand
Sage's Staff
Mage's Staff
Power Wristband
(Cycle 1)
(Cycle 1)
Sparkling Bracer
(Cycle 1)
Winged Cap
(Cycle 1 & 2)
Wonder Wand
(Cycle 1 & 2)
(Cycle 1 & 2 & Boss)
Kaiser Knuckles
(Cycle 1 & 2 & Boss)
Helm of Arai
(Cycle 1 & 2 & Boss)
Chocobo Pocket
(Cycle 1 & Boss)
Faerie Ring
(Cycle 1 & Boss)
Rune Staff
(Cycle 1 & Boss)
Elven Mantle
(Cycle 2 & 3)
(Cycle 2 & 3)
Candy's Ring
(Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss)
Fang Charm
(Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss)
Red Slippers
(Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss)
Dark Matter
(Cycle 3)
(Cycle 3)
(Cycle 3)
Noah's Lute
(Cycle 3)
Moon Pendant
(Cycle 3 & Boss)
Wonder Bangle
(Cycle 3 & Boss)

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