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List of Weapon Scrolls

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This is a list of Scrolls which can be used to craft Weapons in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Check each Scroll's page for details on where to find it, and the Materials and gil needed to craft each Weapon!

List of Weapon Scrolls

Scroll Craftable Weapons
Currently UnavailableAurora Weapon Daybreak
Currently UnavailableBeginnings Weapon Chronicle Sword
Chronicle Lance
Chronicle Leaf
Chronicle Bird
Currently UnavailableCelestial Weapon Longinus
Currently UnavailableDark Weapon Ragnarok
Currently UnavailableDawn Weapon Blaze Nova
Currently UnavailableEmpty Weapon Vanitas Sword
Vanitas Lance
Vanitas Paddle
Vanitas Soul
Currently UnavailableGarden Weapon Fairy Tale
Currently UnavailableGelid Weapon Frost Magia
Currently UnavailableGreatest Weapon Ultima Maul
Ultima Hammer
Ultima Lance
Ultima Sword
Currently UnavailableHero's Weapon Dragoon's Spear
Currently UnavailableLegendary Weapon Queen's Heel
Mystic Hammer
Currently UnavailableLunar Weapon Dreamcatcher
Currently UnavailableMaster's Weapon Butterfly Head
Mythril Hammer
Dragon Lance
Rune Blade
Currently UnavailableMighty Weapon Steel Cudgel
Sonic Hammer
Bastard Sword
Currently UnavailableNoble Weapon Acies Fang
Acies Lance
Acies Blaster
Acies Horn
Currently UnavailableNovice's Weapon Solid Racket
Wave Hammer
Iron Sword
Currently UnavailableParadise Weapon Evergreen
Currently UnavailableSealed Weapon Laevateinn
Currently UnavailableSmoldering Weapon Queen Rouge
Currently UnavailableStorm Weapon Evil Keraunos
Currently UnavailableTwilight Weapon Lunathorn
Currently UnavailableValiant Weapon Elemental Cudgel
Goblin Hammer
Titan Lance
Feather Saber
Currently UnavailableVictorious Weapon Prism Bludgeon
Prism Hammer
Currently UnavailableWarrior's Weapon Dual Shooter
Rune Hammer
Sonic Lance
Steel Blade

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