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Physical Release Availability | Switch and PS4 Physical Versions

Physical Copy Availability

Is the physical release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC) available in your region? Find out all the details for the physical release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and how to purchase it online.

Physical Copy is only Available in japan

Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4

As of the game's initial release, a physical release of the game will be available for Japanese audiences only.

Although there are multiple options to order the physical version from Japan, the Nintendo eShop lists the game's language settings as limited to the Japanese language setting only, perhaps to discourage purchases from abroad.

It's still possible that the physical release will have other language options after all, but based on current information, the odds don't seem great.

That said, if you're still looking to grab the physical release for your collection, or you're brushing up your Japanese, you can purchase the game from the links below. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are not region-locked, so you'll be able to play the games themselves without a problem. Both game vendors even offer exclusive early purchase bonuses, so they're a must for collectors!

Purchase Links
Switch (Square Enix eShop) PS4 (Square Enix eShop)
Switch (Amazon JP) PS4 (Amazon JP)

Physical Release in Other Regions?

Official Screenshot 8.jpg

A lack of a physical release is always a sticking point for diehard fans of a series. The cheaper price of the non-Japanese version may have something to do with the decision to avoid a physical release outside of Japan.

That said, if fans want something badly enough, never say never! Be sure to support the game by purchasing the digital release when it comes out – if the game exceeds sales expectations, there's always a chance that a physical release will be next to come.

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