Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Crossplay Guide | How to Play Cross Platform and Cross Save

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This is a guide to the crossplay functionality in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn how to play with friends across different consoles, and all the different features of crossplay provided by the game!

Is Crossplay Included?

Crossplay Confirmed for All Platforms

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Cross-platform play of the game has been confirmed for PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. This means that players on any platform will be able to join others online.

Crossplay makes it easy for mobile players to join a player on a console to play together in the same room!

Are Cross Saves Included?

Cross Saves Confirmed

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The official site indicates that save data transfer is possible between platforms. This game is really breaking boundaries!

This feature makes it easy for players to casually try out the game on the Lite version with a mobile device, then transfer their save data to the console of their choice when upgrading to the full game.

However, the official website also mentions that once you have played the game on the full version, you won't be able to transfer that save data to the Lite version of the game on a different platform. You'll need to have purchased the full version of the game on another platform to transfer your save data to it.

Cross-Profile Saves Also Available

If you are playing on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 with multiple different accounts, you can also transfer your save data across the different profiles.

You can simply transfer the data in the same way you would across platforms. We're pleased to find that the data can simply be copied over, so if you want to switch to a different profile for another player to use, there's no problem in doing so!

How to Do Crossplay

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Starting up Crossplay in game is as easy as using the online multiplayer functionality.

FFCC Remastered has a complete in-game Friend Code system which bypasses the restrictions of each platform, so you can Follow other players and Invite them to explore Dungeons together regardless of their device.

The game even has a crossplay Matchmaking system, so players will be randomly matched with players from other devices without even noticing! An option to turn off crossplay is available as well for those who prefer other players using the same device.

How to Play Online Multiplayer

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