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List of Belts

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This is a list of all Belts in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn about all the different types of Belts and their effects here!

How to Use Belts

Belts are a type of Equipment which can only be equipped by Selkies, one of the four Tribes in the game. Belts raise the wearer's Defense, and often have a special effect which will grant Resistence to a certain element.

List of Belts

Original Game Belts

These Belts were all found in the original game for the GameCube, and only these Belts can be obtained without visiting Post-Game Dungeons or buying DLC.

Name Defense Effect
Blessed Sash 18 Resist Poison +1
Bronze Belt 8 -
Diamond Belt 22 -
Flame Sash 17 Resist Fire +1
Frost Sash 17 Resist Ice +1
Iron Belt 12 -
Mythril Belt 15 -
Old Belt 5 -
Storm Sash 17 Resist Lightning +1
Winged Belt 18 Focus Attack range +20

Post-Game Dungeon Belts

Name Defense Effect
Acies Buckle 20 Resist Ice +2
Chronicle Belt 20 Resist Lightning +2
Dragon Buckle 23 Resist Poison +2
Glorious Belt 18 Magic Range Up
Heretical Buckle 23 Resist Stone +2
Moogle Buckle 23 Resist Curse +2
Valkyrie Belt 23 Resist Stop +2
Vanitas Belt 20 Resist Fire +2

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