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Toadstool Forest.png
This is a guide to the dungeon Toadstool Forest in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see our guide about Toadstool Forest and a list of all obtainable items, artifacts, scrolls, and monsters you can encounter in this dungeon on each cycle.

Normal Hard
The Mushroom Forest Toadstool Forest

Toadstool Forest Map

Toadstool Forest.pngEnlarge

Item List

Treasure Chests

1 Cure
2 Raise
3 Mythril/Orichalcum/Chipped Gear
4 Silver Bracer/Ice Brand/Wonder Bangle/Double Axe/Buckler
5 Cat's Bell/Ashura/Ogrekiller/Rune Bell
6 Blaze Mushroom/Sage's Staff/Ice Brand/Buckler/Wonder Bangle/Silver Bracer
7 Hollow Onyx/Ashura/Cat's Bell/Ogrekiller/Silver Spectacles

Toadstool Forest Recommended Setup

Recommended Starting Stats

HP Strength Defense Magic
7〜8 65 65 65

Recommended Resistances

Poison +2 (optional)
Fire +1 (optional)

Poison resistance is also unnecessary since the only one that can really cause trouble by using poison is the boss of the dungeon, malboro itself. WIth a high defense stat and a team focusing in damage, Malboro will easily fall.

Fire's status ailment actually does not deal damage over time. It simply increases your speed at the expense of defense so if you're good at dodging enemy attacks or has an ally that is a dedicated healer, then fire resistance becomes unnecessary(not in the later dungeons though so start investing in fire resistant armor now.).

Recommended Armor

Name Defense Effect
Badge of the Flame - Resist Fire +1
Flame Sash 17 Resist Fire +1
Flame Helm 17 Resist Fire +1
Flame Armlets 17 Resist Fire +1
Flame Shield 17 Resist Fire +1
Flame Mail 24 Resist Fire +1

Just having one of them should suffice for the Firas that the Lizardmen are casting. Focusing on high defense armor instead is also a good alternative.

Toadstool Forest Walkthrough

Poison and Fire Resistance Are Helpful

toadstool forest 1.jpeg
For this dungeon you're going to want equipment that increases your Poison and Fire resistance(optional). Lizardmen will cast Fira and the boss can use both Firaga and Bad Breath to inflict Poison.

As neither ailment will impede your movement you won't find yourself in too much of a pinch but poison will deal damage over time if not dealt with. While not absolutely necessary, there's no harm in bringing said equipment along.

List of All Equipment and Effects

Map Layout is the Same as Cycle 3

toadstool forest 2.jpeg
As the map layout is identical to the cycle 3 version of the Mushroom Forest you'll have to make your way around a larger area. The mushrooms that will boost you to higher ground are in the same places so you shouldn't get lost.

You Can Go Straight For the Boss

toadstool forest 3.jpeg
With no keys or other roadblocks gating your progress you can follow the path straight to the boss. Most enemies can be ignored so if you're looking to farm recipes or materials this is a good dungeon for preparing for the next ones.

Toadstool Forest Boss Guide

Great Malboro

Great Malboro.png

How to Beat Great Malboro

Rainy Ruins Rewards Tables

Clear Rewards List

1 Empty Weapon
2 Empty Armor
3 Empty Guard
4 Blaze Mushroom

Toadstool Forest Obtainables

Scrolls List

Empty Weapon
Empty Armor
Empty Guard


(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Hollow Onyx
(Treasure Chest)
Chipped Gear
(Treasure Chest)
Blaze Mushroom
(Treasure Chest, Boss)


Wonder Bangle
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Rune Bell
(Treasure Chest)
Cat's Bell
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Double Axe
(Treasure Chest)
Black Hood
(Treasure Chest)
Silver Spectacles
(Treasure Chest)
Mage's Staff
(Treasure Chest)
Silver Bracer
(Treasure Chest)
Ice Brand
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)

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Hey, i got a Blaze Mushroom from chest #4 and a Hollow Onyx from chest #5

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      I'm currently trying to farm for better gear and need the scroll for a Selkie acc, which Armstrong drops in set 8, but havent fully grasp the system behind Bonus Points and Set chances yet.
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