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Missing Princess Sidequest Walkthrough

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Missing Princess Sidequest Ending
This is a guide to the sidequest Missing Princess in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Here we list all the necessary things to do before doing the quest, a step-by-step guide to completing the quest, and all rewards that can be obtained from completing it.

Missing Princess Sidequest Prerequisites and Rewards

Requirements Year 2 or later (some scneraios require Year 5 or more)
Rewards 100,000 Gil $$$$

Missing Princess Sidequest Walkthrough

1 Head to Alfitaria and talk to Knocfelna.
2 Exit Alfitaria and gather Myrrh from any dungeon.
3 Return to Alfitaria then talk to Knocfelna again to find out about the princess' situation.
4 Head to Marr's Pass and talk to the female selkie near the item peddler.
Make sure that Te Dow mentions a female selkic maiden to ensure that the quest is proceeding.
5 Collect Myrrh then head to Jegon's River Eastbank.
6 Talk to the prin-???.
7 Exit Jegon's River then return again to find Knocfelna. Talk to him then exit Jegon's River.
8 Collect Myrrh then head to Fields of Fum and talk to the princess and Knocfelnda.
It is important to talk to both of them or the quest will not proceed.
9 Exit Fields of Fum then collect Myrrh. After collecting Myrrh, head to Leuda and talk to the princess and Knocfelna.
Same scenario in Fields of Fum. Talk to both of them or the quest will not proceed.
10 Collect Myrrh then return to Leuda. You will not find the princess so exit Leuda then return again.
11 After the long cutscene, head to Alfitaria to complete the quest. Be sure to accept the money, or you will not receive anything.

Reaching Alfitaria Easily

There will be several scenarios where the available Myrrh elements will prevent you from heading to Alfitaria. Much more especially in Shella if you happen to do the quest while the water level in the world has decreased. Obtaining the unknown element is a surefire way to make doing the quest easier. For a more detailed guide on which dungeons to choose to make traveling easier, refer to our story guide below.

Story Walkthrough and All Dungeons Guides

Jegon's River During Drought

You will not find the princess in Jegon's River while the water level is down. To proceed the quest, head to Veo Lu Sluice and defeat the boss to restore the water level back to normal.

Veo Lu Sluice Dungeon Walkthrough

Missing Princess in Leuda

Missing Princess Leuda.jpg
If the princess cannot be found in Leuda, this means that the quest has entered the next step. Exit Leuda (Not by boat) then enter again to see a cutscene with the princess and a Selkie.

Obtaining the Reward

missing princess ending.jpg
After watching the cutscene in Leuda, simply returning to Alfitaria will initiate the final step of the quest. You will be prompted to accept or decline the gift. Accept it to obtain 100,000 Gil.

You will receive the “A Princess' Gratitude” Trophy as well for completing the Sidequest in the PS4 version.
List of Trophies

Princess and Knocfelna's Locations

Jegon's River
Fields of Fum

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