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All Secret Item Locations

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Here you can find all the locations and details of the secret items that can be found in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC).

List of Secret Items

There are areas in the game where you can find Secret Items, they will appear in order no matter what area you searched in. After you found the last secret item, it will cycle back to the first one on the list.

After finding a hidden item, you'll only able to find one again after defeating a dungeon and getting a drop of Myrrh. In order to maximize your drops of Myrrh, before heading to the next dungeon, go to every available town first to collect the items in the secret areas.

  1. Wheat Seed
  2. Bronze Shard
  3. Bronze
  4. Iron Shard
  5. Fruit Seed
  6. Alloy
  7. Fruit Seed
  8. Iron
  9. Fruit Seed
  10. Mark of Shella
  11. Spring Water
  12. Vegetable Seed
  13. Ruby
  14. Vegetable Seed
  15. Jade
  16. Vegetable Seed
  17. Silver
  18. Gold
  19. Mythril
  20. Pressed Flower
  21. Remedy
  22. Bannock
  23. Spring Water
  24. Spring Water
  25. Ancient Potion

Secret Item Locations

The Secret Items are marked on the maps below with an exclamation point (!) icon.


At the very North-West point of the town is a path leading up to a cliff. Walk around the top part until you a Examine prompt pops up to receive the Secret Item.

Marr's Pass

By the town's entrance, near the well you can find the secret item area.


On the left side of Alfitaria, you can find a staircase. To the left of a staircase is a tight squeeze where you can find another secret item.


To the North of Shella, near the grand house, you can find two barrels on the right where you can get your next secret item.

Fields of Fum

Just around the bridge of town, you can find the secret item.


You can find the last secret item area by a house near the path to the South.

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