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This is a guide to the dungeon Misty Mount Kilanda in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see our guide about Misty Mount Kilanda and a list of all obtainable items, artifacts, scrolls, and monsters you can encounter in this dungeon on each cycle.

Normal Hard
Mount Kilanda Misty Mount Kilanda

Misty Mount Kilanda Map

Item List

Treasure Chests

1 Cure
2 Raise
3 Power Wristband/Flame Tongue/Giant's Glove/Onion Sword/Green Beret/Twisted Headband/Chicken Knife/Sun Pendant
4 Power Wristband/Flame Tongue/Giant's Glove/Onion Sword/Green Beret/Twisted Headband/Masamune/Gravity Ring
5 Abyss Eye/Electrum/Phoenix Down
6 Abyss Eye/Electrum/Phoenix Down
7 Abyss Eye/Electrum/Kilanda Sulfur
8 Knok's Crystal/Fire Ring/Wonder Wand/Book of Light/Red Slippers
9 Teddy Bear/Chicken Knife/Royal Crown/Main Gauche/Drill

Misty Mount Kilanda Recommended Setup

Recommended Starting Stats

HP Strength Defense Magic
7〜8 80 75 80

Recommended Resistance

Thunder +2 (minimum) or +3 (recommended)

Recommended Equipment

Name Defense Effect
Badge of the Thunderbolt - Resist Lightning +1
Storm Sash 17 Resist Lightning +1
Storm Helm 17 Resist Lightning +1
Storm Armlets 17 Resist Lightning +1
Storm Shield 17 Resist Lightning +1
Storm Mail 24 Resist Lightning +1
Storm Chronicle 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Gloves 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Belt 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Helm 20 Resist Lightning +2
Chronicle Mail 25 Resist Lightning +2

A +2 or +3 resistance to lightning is recommended for Misty Mount Kilanda. The enemies hits hard and getting swarmed by them will result in insta death so having resistance to lightning is the first step in conquering the misty mountain.

Misty Mount Kilanda Walkthrough

Thunder Resistance is a Must-Have

Misty Mount Kilanda 2.jpeg
You'll have a hard time here without Thunder resistance. Even regular Goblins on your path will be casting Thundaga, so if you don't have any resistance at all, you'll get paralyzed and become a punching bag. Even just a +1 resistance is enough to pull through in most situations, so be sure you have it first.

List of All Equipment and Effects

Most Enemies can be taken out with Blizzara

Misty Mount Kilanda 3.jpeg

Goblins can be immobilized with a single Blizzard. Use a race with a fast cast time like a Clavat or Yuke, then defeat them while they are frozen. This won't help you power through the reinforcements that come after them, but you can repeat this process to whittle them down one by one.

Behemoth can also be taken out with Blizzara. It'll hold the line all the way through the Boss fight, so stick with Blizzard all the way through. If you're playing a Lilty, well, brace yourself because there's not much you can do.

How to Use Blizzard

Watch Out for Lag

Misty Mount Kilanda 4.jpeg
Misty Mount Kilanda is under a consistent state of shower. Perhaps due to that or depending on your game system, the game sometimes experiences some lag in this Dungeon. When you're fighting a battle of life and death, a split-second of lag could spell your doom. Be sure to keep your HP topped up as much as possible, and avoid regrettable deaths.

Mobile vs. Console

Misty Mount Kilanda Boss Guide

Red Giant

Red Giant.png

How to Beat Red Giant

Misty Mount Kilanda Rewards Tables

Clear Rewards List

1 Smoldering Weapon
2 Gelid Weapon
3 Storm Weapon
4 Lustrous Helm

Misty Mount Kilanda Obtainables

Scrolls List

Smoldering Weapon
Gelid Weapon
Storm Weapon
Lustrous Helm


Regal Horn
(Treasure Chest)
Abyss Eye
(Treasure Chest)


Royal Crown
(Treasure Chest)
Gravity Ring
(Treasure Chest)
Sun Pendant
(Treasure Chest)
Main Gauche
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Red Slippers
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Giant's Glove
(Treasure Chest)
Twisted Headband
(Treasure Chest)
Onion Sword
(Treasure Chest)
Ring of Fire
(Treasure Chest)
Chicken Knife
(Treasure Chest)
Teddy Bear
(Treasure Chest)
Wonder Wand
(Treasure Chest)
Book of Light
(Treasure Chest)
Power Wristband
(Treasure Chest)
(Treasure Chest)
Green Beret
(Treasure Chest)

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