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Cow Race Minigame Guide

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This is a guide to the Cow Race minigame in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn how the cow race works, how to play, and how to buy your family their own cow!

Cow Race Minigame Location and Requirements

Location Fields of Fum
Requirement 100 Gil per race.

Cow Race Minigame Details

Participate in the Race

Upon talking to the man that takes care of the cows, you can participate in their alleged cowrace. You will need to spend 100gil to participate.

Bet on Your Cow!

Cow Betting Phase.jpg
Upon joining the race, you will be shown a menu that allows you to bet on your specific cow. Each cow will have a bet ratio that will multiply your initial bet upon winning the race.

Cheer on Your Cow

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Mash the buttons available to you and time your inputs well to make your cow move faster...not. The race is completely random so go with your instict when betting for your cow and watch the race take it's own course.

How to Buy a Cow

Talk to the Farmer's Wife

Purchasing a Cow
Purchasing a cow will allow your family to harvest milk for you. It will also improve your affinity with your father cause, honestly, who doesn't want a cow?

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