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This is a guide for the Crystal Chalice in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (FFCC). Read on to learn the purpose of the Crystal Chalice and about the effects of its elemental attributes.

What is the Crystal Chalice?

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The Crystal Chalice is an artifact that holds the drops of Myrrh that will purify the Crystal of the town. It is also what allows the caravanners to travel outside the safety of the town. It acts like a circular force field that protects your characters from the Miasma.

There are 2 main uses of the Crystal Chalice in the game. The first is it allows you to pass throuh the Miasma Streams separatin the different regions. The element of your chalice has to match the element of the Miasma Stream in order to pass through.

The second use of the Chalice is to give you a bonus elemental resistance, depending on the element of your chalice.

Crystal Chalice's Elemental Attributes

Element Effect
Fire Unaffected by Burn
Water Unaffected by Freeze
Wind Unaffected by Paralysis
Earth Unaffected by Poison and Petrification
Mystery (???) Pass through any Miasma Stream regardless of Element

You can change the element of your Chalice by placing it on Elemental Hotspots around the dungeon, or by visiting a dungeon you've completed and selecting from the menu what element you want the chalice to have.

The force field ring around the Chalice will also change color depending on its current Element.

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