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This page will explain the character creation process in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to find out what options you have when creating your character from appearance to family job!

Character Creation Guide

Choose Your Race (Class) and Appearance

First you'll decide which of the 4 tribes, also known as races or classes, you'd like to play as. Classes include the Clavat, Lilty, Yuke, or Selkie. You also have the option to change your gender as well as one of 5 different appearances.

Best Race (Class) to Choose

Choose Your Voice

With the remaster voices were added to NPCs and your player character alike. Each character has 4 different voice options so sample them with the X button and choose the one you like!

Choose Your Home Job

You have a choice of 8 different jobs for your family and one can be chosen for each character you create. Unless you play every character, though, you likely won't develop them all, so for your main character choose the one you want the most.

Best Home Job to Choose

Name Yourself

This one is pretty straightforward. You have 7 characters to name yourself with. Don't go putting in anything dirty!

Make Any Final Changes

Lastly, you can look over the choices you made and finalize your character. Hop in that caravan and get collecting myrrh!

How to Create Multiple Characters

Creating Multiple Characters

Once you're back on the Region Map after the tutorial with Stiltzkin, you can open up the Main Menu and select Set Out to select a different character or create a new one. You can have up to 8 characters, with different Classes and Family Jobs.

Populating Your Hometown


It is recommended that you create all 8 possible characters, so that you'll have access to all the Town shops and merchants at the start of the game. This will also populate your hometown with characters, making it feel more lively and active. You will be able to talk to the family of the members of your caravan.

A good idea would be to create 2 characters for each race, one male and one female, then just select the appearance you like the most for each. With that, you should be able to fill up all the slots and have all the family jobs picked out.

One-Man Caravan

When playing alone, having all 8 characters ready can also be helpful if you're having trouble clearing a dungeon. Just go to the main menu and select a different character who will fare better against the challenges you will face.

Another advantage is being able to switch to any class that your team might be lacking when playing with friends.

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