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Focus Attacks

Curious about the best focus attacks? We listed all the best focus attacks and all the focus attacks with unique effects in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to know about the best focus attacks in the game, which weapons they belong to, and the effects of the unique focus attacks.

Best Focus Attacks

Best Focus Attacks For Clavats


Assault Focus Attack

Assault from Blaze Nova is the focus attack for Clavats. It's a 2 hit focus attack that is an upgraded version from Steel Blade's focus attack.

Best Focus Attacks For Lilties


Blade Storm Focus Attack

Blade Storm is the strongest Focus Attack for Lilties in the original game and it's still true to this day. Blade Storm is a multi-hit focus attack for Lilties. It's multi-hit property made the Longinus even better than the new weapon addition from the post-game's content.

Best Focus Attacks For Yukes


Firga/Blizzaga/Thundaga Break Focus Attacks

There are three post-game weapons for the Yuke and each weapon sports a different elemental attack. These focus attack allows a Yuke to use the highest level of Tier 3 spell without the need of a magicite or other players to fuse spells with. This makes a Yuke a huge powerhouse when obtained. Just make sure that there are other people protecting you!

Firaga Break Queen Rogue
Blizzaga Break Frost Magia
Thundaga Break Evil Keraunos

Best Focus Attacks For Selkies


Hastega Trick

Hastega Trick is perhaps, the most valuable focus attack, not just for selkies, but for all the classes in the game. Haste is a hard to cast spell that requires atleast 3 people coordinating to do it. A Selkie with a Hastega trick can greatly increase a party's movement in dungeons as well as upping everyone's damage potential by lessening everyone's magic and focus attack cast time. Hastega trick can be used from the Evergreen weapon.

Closing Note

These focus attacks are also based from our strongest build for each race. Check our best equipment guide for more details. Or if you have a different opinion/suggestion for the best focus attacks for each race, please leave a comment below!

Best Weapons and Equipment and How to Get

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2 Anonymousover 3 years

The Yuke one will be based on magic.

1 Spikealmost 4 years

Are these superattacks based on physical or magical stats? Meaning, if I use the yukos superattacks, will it use my magic stat? Thanks


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