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This is our complete walkthrough and guide to the story of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn the basic steps to get through the entire game, with guides on how to beat each dungeon, and tips and tricks for getting through the game!

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Tipa Peninsula
Tipa Port Tipa
River Belle Path Goblin Wall
Iron Mine Downs
Marr's Pass Jegon River (East)
The Mushroom Forest The Mine of Cathuriges
Vale of Alfitaria
Alfitaria Tida
Moschet Manor -
Veo Lu
Shella Veo Lu Sluice
Plains of Fum
The Fields of Fum Jegon River (West)
Daemon's Court Selepation Cave
Kilanda Islands
Kilanda -
Rebena Plains
Conall Curach Rebena Te Ra
Lynari Isle
Leuda Lynari Desert
The Abyss
Mag Mell Mount Vellenge
The Nest of Memories -

Complete Story Walkthrough

The walkthrough below gives details for completing the full game. Learn the basics of getting through the story with our one-look guide!

A few points to keep in mind first:

The story is Not a Straight Line

Non-linear Story.jpg
FFCC is not a game with one straight path to the finish line. The story unfolds based on the players' actions. Rarely will you be required to clear a specific dungeon to move to the next area. Explore freely and enjoy the world!

Try to Reach Year Five First

If your goal is to reach the game's ending, you'll need to complete Mount Vellenge, which is only accissible from Year Five on. Keep on collecting myrrh and advancing the years to reach Mount Vellenge!

Gather Three Drops of Myrrh to Advance the Story

The main requirement for continuing to the next year is gathering three drops of myrrh. You can gather myrrh from any of the game's dungeons, but each myrrh tree can only produce myrrh every two years, so you won't be able to gather myrrh from the same dungeons every time.

The complete walkthrough chart below gives details on the fastest way to collect Myrrh and advance through the game.

Story Walkthrough Chart

Year One
Collect three drops of myrrh and advance to year two
Year Two
Collect three drops of myrrh and advance to year three
Year Three
Collect three drops of myrrh and advance to year three
Completing Veo Lu Sluice before the end of Year Three allows for fastest completion of the game
Year Four
Collect three drops of myrrh and advance to year five
Year Five On
Complete Lynari Desert and change your Crystal Chalice to the ??? Element.
From year eight on, steps five and six can be skipped.
Complete Veo Lu Sluice for the second time and bring the flowers back to life.
Complete Mount Vellenge and continue to the ending of the game

The guide below gives details on the fastest route from proceeding through the game. The dungeons listed are decided based on difficulty, but as long as you get three drops of myrrh each year, the dungeons you visit are up to you.

Year One Walkthrough Chart

What to Do in Year One

Dungeon / Town Tips & Strategies
Tipa.pngTipa Tips
・Home base for your adventure
・It's best to talk with your family here every year
River Belle Path.pngRiver Belle Path Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆
・Learn the basics of battling monsters
・Change your Chalice's Element to Water to pass through the Miasma Stream
Defeat the Giant Crab
Jegon River (East).pngJegon River (East) Tips
・Nothing to do before Year Three
・Can cross the river from Year Three on
・Can travel to more areas from Year Four
MarrMarr's Pass Tips
・Can use the Blacksmiths if you have a Scroll
・Sell items to the Merchant for gil
The Mushroom Forest.pngThe Mushroom Forest Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆
・Take down Flying-type Monsters with Gravity
・Dare to bypass Monsters without defeating them
・A great dungeon to repeat early in the game
Defeat Malboro
The Mine of Cathuriges.pngThe Mine of Cathuriges Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆
・An early barrier for first-time players
・Hit the cart to move it, but make sure it goes the right way
・Hit the Bomb to damage other enemies
Defeat the Orc King

If you're planning on rushing through the story, there's no requirement to visit the towns. The towns feature Blacksmiths and Merchants which can prove useful, but are not necessary to complete the game.

Year One is limited to three dungeons

Only the three dungeons listed above can be visited in Year One. As the rest of the game allows more freedom to explore, Year One has a strong tutorial aspect to it. Simply go through each of the three dungeons once to continue.

The Mushroom Forest is the best dungeon to repeat

Repeat the Mushroom Forest.jpg
If you want to repeat any of the dungeons here, Mushroom Forest is the best choice. There's no required fights or gimmicks which make it difficult to advance, and the Boss is also fairly easy to take out. Go through the dungeon as many times as you like to grind Artifacts and gather crafting Materials for Weapons and Equipment!

Year Two Walkthrough Chart

What to Do in Year Two

Dungeon / Town Tips & Strategies
Goblin Wall.pngGoblin Wall Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆
・A slightly more confusing layout
・Don't use physical attacks against Electric Jellyfish
・The best dungeon to repeat in Year Two

Defeat the Goblin King
Alfitaria.pngAlfitaria Tips
・Use the Blacksmith to craft Equipment
Veo Lu Sluice.pngVeo Lu Sluice Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆
・Use the switches and keys to proceed
・A frustrating dungeon on single-player mode
・Required to complete here in order to finish the game as fast as possible

Defeat the Golem
Shella.pngShella Tips
・The Blacksmith here can craft Accessories
・A Shella Mark is required if you are not a Yuke
・A Shella Mark can be found in Veo Lu Sluice
Tida.pngTida Difficulty:★★☆☆☆
・It's easy to get hemmed in by enemies on the narrow paths
・A good second choice for dungeon grinding after Goblin Wall
Defeat Armstrong

Complete Veo Lu Sluice in Year Two

Veo Lu Sluice.jpeg

  • Finishing Veo Lu Sluice within the first three years is required for the fastest possible clear
  • Moschet Manor is fairly difficult and frustrating, so Veo Lu Sluice is the better option

For the reasons above, Year Two is the best time to go for Veo Lu Sluice for the first time. Doing so in Year Three is fine as well.

Grind Any Dungeon You Like

Although we recommended Goblin Wall and Tida for repeated plays, if these dungeons cause some problems or take too long, feel free to go ahead and grind the Year One dungeons instead.

Some Event Missable

As you traverse the world map you may occasionally run into a random event with a variety of different characters. Some of these events will become unavailable as you progress through the game so travel across the world map and try and see as many as you can! Ultimately these events don't amount to much other than some extra world building, buf for those hoping to experience all there is to offer you don't want to miss out.

Year Three Walkthrough Chart

What to Do in Year Three

Dungeon / Town Tips & Strategies
Moschet Manor.pngMoschet Manor Difficulty:★★☆☆☆
・Gimmicks are a pain in single-player mode
・The dungeon itself is not difficult
・Gigas Lord is best handled by going full-on offense

Defeat the Gigas Lord
Jegon River (West).pngJegon River (West) Tips
・Travel across from the East side of the river
・Has a Moogle House
The Fields of Fum.pngFields of Fum Tips
・Only has a Merchant
・Play the Cow Race minigame
DaemonDaemon's Court Difficulty:★★★☆☆
・Easy to get surrounded, so advance with care
・Defeating the Bomb atop the bridge will have a lasting effect

Defeat the Lizardman King
Selepation Cave.pngSelepation Cave Difficulty:★★★☆☆
・Has a confusing structural arrangement
・Rare Materials can be easily collected here
・Cave Worm can take time to learn how to defeat

Defeat the Cave Worm

Year One Dungeons Will Advance to the Second Cycle

Year 1 Dungeons Advance to 2nd Cycle.jpg
In Year Three, the Dungeons completed in Year One will begin to advance to the second Cycle, which means you've collected 5 myrrh since the last time you completed a dungeon for the first time. Myrrh will be available once again on the second Cycle, but the monsters will be more difficult. In addition, the monsters and obtainable items which appear will change as well.

If these dungeons still seem a bit too difficult, feel free to complete dungeons which are still on the first Cycle for now.

The First Year to Allow Substantial Freedom

Year 3 Freedom.jpg
Years One and Two were highly limited in which dungeons the players could complete, but Year Three gives wide berth for the player to choose which dungeons they want to complete in order to obtain the required myrrh.

If Selepation Cave is too big of a challenge for now, you can go through River Belle Path on its second cycle to complete myrrh instead. You can even leave the Year Three dungeons altogether and simply redo the three Year One dungeons to move on to Year Four.

Max Out Your Weapons and Equipment

The game is about to get harder, so be sure you're ready by getting the best possible tools for this part of the game. The Weapons and Equipment made from Mythril are obtainable at this point, so be sure you have them before moving on.

Mythril can be obtained in a variety of locations, but Selepation Cave and The Mine of Cathuriges (Cycle 2) are two of the best dungeons to hunt for it.

Year Four Walkthrough Chart

What to Do in Year Four

Dungeon / Town Tips & Strategies
Kilanda.pngKilanda Difficulty:★★☆☆☆
・Can be reached for 500 gil from Jegon River (East)
・Not a difficult dungeon to clear
・Cut Mog's hair in advance

Defeat the Iron Giant
Conall Curach.pngConall Curach Difficulty:★★★★☆
・A long and spread-out dungeon
・Don't bother with defeating every enemy
・Hunt for the Ring of Cure Artifact

Defeat the Dragon Zombie
Rebena Te Ra.pngRebena Te Ra Difficulty:★★★★☆
・Plenty of gimmicks and lots of running around to do
・The gimmicks are a pain on single-player mode
・The dungeon itself has a fairly high difficulty

Defeat the Lich

Take the Water Element Across the Jegon River

To reach Conall Curach and Rebena Te Ra, you'll need to have the Water Element before you go across the Jegon River, as it won't be available on the other side, and you'll be forced to travel back and across again, paying fees both times to get across the Miasma Stream.

These dungeons aren't necessarily required to complete at any point, but keep this in mind if you want to cross the Jegon River to them on.

Time to Grind

By Year Four, you've gotten a hang of how this whole thing works. Get all the Scrolls, Materials and Artifacts you need to power yourself up to the max before proceeding to the following dungeons.

This chart lists the game's ending in Year Five, but feel free to continue grinding up and wait until Year Six or Year Seven to head to the end.

Try for the Ultimate Equipment

If you're hoping to get the game's best possible Equipment, you can delay heading to the ending. Some of the Scrolls and Materials are very difficult to obtain and require advancing to Year Eight, but this is the way to go if you want to take on the final boss at your character's max potential.

Year Five Walkthrough Chart

What to Do in Year Five

Dungeon / Town Tips & Strategies
Leuda.pngLeuda Tips
・Take the ferry from Port Tipa
・Only has a Merchant
・Play the Selkie Jump mini-game
Lynari Desert.pngLynari Desert Difficulty:★★★★☆
・Your goal is to get the ??? Element for the Chalice
・Solve four riddles to find a secret
・Antlion poses a significant threat

Defeat the Antlion
Veo Lu Sluice.pngVeo Lu Sluice
(Second Time)
・Cast Life on the Pump Flowers
・The Jegon River will be refilled on completion, allowing travel to all areas
Mount Vellenge.pngMount Vellenge Difficulty:★★★★★
??? Element is required to enter
・Last Dungeon in the story
・This is the strongest the enemies will get, so be ready!

Defeat the Meteor Parasite
Defeat Raem

Some Areas Inaccessible Without the Jegon River

The Jegon River will dry up in Year Five, preventing travel to some areas of the map. It's required to go through the Veo Lu Sluice a second time to refill the river. To get to Veo Lu Sluice, you'll need to get the ??? Element from the Lynari Desert.

Take the Ferry from Port Tipa

The ferry from Jegon River will reappear at Port Tipa. You'll be able to travel to Lynari Isle for 300 gil, from where you'll be able to reach Lynari Desert.

Veo Lu Sluice not Necessary Starting in Year Eight

When Year Eight begins, the Jegon River will refill naturally. It's not needed to visit Veo Lu Sluice again in this case, so avoiding it can potentially save time if you're planning on waiting until Year Eight or longer to take on Mount Vellenge.

Have a Realistic Grasp of Your Strength

Realistic Grasp of Strength.jpg
With this, you've achieved all the requirements for challenging the game's final dungeon. That said, even if you attempt Mount Vellenge now, with its extreme level of difficulty, there's a high chance of failure when simply rushing in. You will likely find it necessary to grind for Equipment and Artifacts at this point to make sure you're powered up enough for the final stretch.

Post-Game Contents

Post-Game Dungeons

The Remaster adds new harder versions of each of the standard Dungeons upon completing the game. More Monsters and harder Bosses await, but with more new loot to discover!
Post-Game Content | How to 100% Clear the Game

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