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How to Use Urns (Pots) | What Do Urns Do?

This is a guide about using urns, an interactable object in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see what are Urns and their effects.

What are Urns?

Contains Oil or Water

oil and water.jpg
Urns are objects that can be picked up while on dungeons. They can then be thrown and it's contents would be spilled on that area.

How to Use Oil

Can be Ignited with Fire

Oil can be set ablaze with the fire spell. It will cause the area to burst into flames and will ignite enemies and allies alike that comes in contact with the flames. This will set them ablaze and will reduce their armor but increase their speed.

How to Use Water

Can be Frozen with Ice

Ice can be frozen with the Blizzard Spell. This will freeze enemies and allies that comes in contact with the frozen water.

Can be Zapped with Thunder

Zapping the water will leave behind a lightning field that will paralyze units that comes in contact with the lightning field.

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