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Orc King Weaknesses and How to Beat

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Learn how to beat the boss Orc King in the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). This guide has all the details on Orc King's weaknesses and resistances, attack patterns, and what artifacts it drops.

Normal Hard
Orc King Orc Lord

Orc King Basic Information

Resistance Ratings

Fire Blizzard Thunder Slow
1 2 2 3
Stop Gravity Holy
3 2 0

A lower number (min 0) indicates weakness to an element, while a higher number (max 3) indicates resistance to an element.

Orc King Boss Battle Guide

Keep a distance to incite Magic attacks

As the Orc King will change its attack pattern based on the players' positions, try to stay out of range to elicit its use of Magic attacks. When it's charging a Spell, there will be plenty of time to get in attacks, so try to maintain this state throughout the fight.

Lure it into using Magic → attack → move away → lure it into using Magic again, and repeat. This simple cycle is the easiest way to handle the fight.

Run away when its fiery aura appears

After bringing it down to 20%, the Orc King will be clad in a fiery aura, and prepare for its Self-Destruct attack. If you go to the edge of the area, you'll be able to survive the Self-Destruct without taking any damage, and win the fight in one swoop.

It's possible to knock it out while it's preparing the Self-Destruct, which takes longer than one might expect to prepare. If you're feeling confident, you can go for the kill, but there's no advantage of doing so, and avoiding the blast is easier.

Alternatively, Defend to Negate the Damage

Holding the Defend Button will allow you to block the Goblin King's Kamikaze attack. This is by far, the easiest way to handle the last part of the fight.

Orc King Attack Phases

Orc King Abilities and Attack Patterns

The Orc King changes strategies based on its distance from the players. It rarely approaches on its own, and instead moves away to try to cast magic.

When the players are close

Exploding Wand
Hammer Spin

When the players are far

Explosion (Fire spell)

When HP is below 20%


Changes attacks when low on HP

When it reaches 20% of its max health, it will use a self-destructing attack which depleted all of its remaining health. While it's charging this attack, players can attempt to decrease all its health in time, as the Orc King will not fight back. Otherwise, run for the corner and hope you can survive the blast!

Pattern does not change in Cycle 2

Unlike other bosses, the Orc King's battle style will be the same each time you fight him, so you can handle him the same way every time.

Orc King Rewards

Artifacts and Items Dropped

Each Boss drops a set of four Artifacts when defeated. The set of Artifacts dropped depends on the current cycle count, number of players, and the number of Bonus Points earned by the players. At high levels, non-Artifact items like rare Materials and Scrolls can also drop.

Players must earn at least the indicated number of Bonus Points for their given player count and cycle to receive a given Set.

Set 1

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P 0 - - Shuriken
Dragon's Whisker
Earth Pendant
2P 0 - -
3P 0 - -
4P 0 - -

Set 2

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P 116 - - Loaded Dice
Mage Masher
Silver Spectacles
Moogle Pocket
2P 125 - -
3P 142 - -
4P 156 - -

Set 3

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P 145 0 - Maneater
Rune Bell
Earth Pendant
2P 158 0 -
3P 178 0 -
4P 195 0 -

Set 4

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P 187 116 - Double Axe
Silver Bracer
Black Hood
Moogle Pocket
2P 196 125 -
3P 222 142 -
4P 244 156 -

Set 5

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P - 145 0 Sasuke's Blade
Cat's Bell
Wonder Bangle
Legendary Weapon
2P - 158 0
3P - 178 0
4P - 195 0

Set 6

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P - 187 116 Green Beret
Mage's Staff
Wonder Bangle
2P - 196 125
3P - 222 142
4P - 244 156

Set 7

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P - - 145 Kaiser Knuckles
Faerie Ring
Ultimate Pocket
Orc Belt
2P - - 158
3P - - 178
4P - - 195

Set 8

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Items Dropped
1P - - 187 Onion Sword
Winged Cap
Earth Pendant
2P - - 196
3P - - 222
4P - - 244

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