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Memiroa Weaknesses and How to Beat | Final Boss Part 2

Learn how to beat the final boss, Memiroa in the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). This guide has all the details on Memiroa's weaknesses and resistances, attack patterns, and what artifacts it drops.

Memiroa Basic Information

Resistance Ratings

Fire Blizzard Thunder Slow
2 2 2 3
Stop Gravity Holy
3 3 3

A lower number (min 0) indicates weakness to an element, while a higher number (max 3) indicates resistance to an element.

Memiroa Boss Battle Guide

Destroy its tail, then move on to the body

Memiroa's attack patterns are separated into when its tail is attached and when it is destroyed. First thing, you'll want to focus on attacking and destroying the tail. After the tail is destroyed, its body will come down and become vulnerable, allowing you to deal real damage to it.

After a set period, the tail will be revived, so you'll need to repeat this pattern until it is defeated.

A resistance to Slow comes in handy

Its tail will use the Smoke attack, which will inflict the Slow status. As Memiroa's attacks each pack a substantial punch, having resistance to Slow will reduce your chance of getting overwhelmed.

Use Cure on your family's memories

Memories of your family members will appear around the battlefield. When you cast Cure on them, they will transform into a stone of ??? Magicite. The Magicite will cause a random Spell to be used, but all of them are highly powerful.

Gather the ??? Magicite while attacking the tail, then after the body descends, use the ??? Spell on the body. The barrier effect is extremely useful, but be extra careful not to get hit head-on by one of its Beams at the second the barrier runs out.

Effects of the ??? Magicite (Question Mark Magicite)

  • Firaga
  • Blizzaga
  • *Thundaga
  • An invincible barrier lasting 30 seconds

The ??? Barrier is a godsend

If you're taking too much damage to dish out consistent attacks of your own, the barrier effect provided by the ??? Magicite will provide a long period where you can focus on attacking without taking any damage at all.

However, as the ??? Magicite only creates the barrier one in every four times, you'll want to spend some time stocking up on ??? Magicite first so that you can reliably create the barrier when you need it. As soon as Memiroa lowers its head, spam ??? Magicite until you manage to create the barrier, then wail on it with three-hit combos or your most powerful Spells.

Memiroa Attack Phases

Before Tail is Broken

Claw Drop
Smoke (inflicts Slow)
Laser Beam

Its Claw Drop will miss if you are close enough to it.

After Tail is Broken

Double Beam
Dark Beam

Both of these attacks deal extremely high damage. If you stand directly in front of it, you won't be hit, but it's safest to wait out the attacks to the side or behind it.

Memiroa Rewards

Artifacts and Items Dropped

Each Boss drops a set of four Artifacts when defeated. The set of Artifacts dropped depends on the current cycle count, number of players, and the number of Bonus Points earned by the players. At high levels, non-Artifact items like rare Materials and Scrolls can also drop.

Players must earn at least the indicated number of Bonus Points for their given player count and cycle to receive a given Set.

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