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This is a list of all Accessories in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn about all the different types of Accessories and their effects here!

How to Use Accessories

Unlike other kinds of Equipment, Accessories do not raise the wearer's Defense. Instead, each Accessories grants a special effect to the user. Depending on the Accessory, wearers can be limited to a specific Tribe, or to one of the two in-game genders.

List of Accessories

Original Game Accessories

These Accessories were all found in the original game for the GameCube, and only these Accessories can be obtained without visiting Post-Game Dungeons or buying DLC.

Name Defense Effect
Accurate Watch - Resist Slow +1
Angel's Earring - Resist status changes +60
Badge of the Flame - Resist Fire +1
Badge of the Frost - Resist Ice +1
Badge of the Thunderbolt - Resist Lightning +1
Bishop's Soul - Magic Power +3
Blue Misanga - Resist Poison +1
Charm of Speed - Focus Attack charge time -5
Charm of Wisdom - Casting time -10
Crystal Ring - Resist Miasma +30
Daemon's Earring - Status change effects +30
Devil's Earring - Status change effects +60
Dragon's Heart - Focus Attack +3
Eagle Goggles - Focus Attack range +20
Elemental's Soul - Spell damage +5
Flower Bracer - Casting time -5
Force Ring - Resist attack +1
Gold Necklace - Resist Stone +1
Headband of Healing - Increased regeneration
Headband of Zeal - Focus Attack charge time -5
Jade Bracer - Increased regeneration
Lion's Heart - Focus Attack +1
Pixie's Earring - Resist status changes +30
Power Goggles - Focus Attack range +20
Talisman of Speed - Focus Attack charge time -10
Talisman of Wisdom - Casting time -15
Thief's Emblem - Focus Attack charge time -15
Twisted Scope - Spell range +20
Twisted Spectacles - Spell range +20
Unfaltering Watch - Resist Stasis +1
White Misanga - Resist Curse +1
Wizard's Soul - Spell damage +1

Post-Game Dungeon Accessories

Name Defense Effect
Wiseman Soul - Magic Damage +15

DLC Accessories

Name Defense Effect
Enchanted Wallet - Increases Gil drop amount
Sapphire Earring - Provides automatic recovery

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